Northeast Indiana FAME partnering with Ivy Tech and manufacturing industry to provide fast-track to debt-free, highly skilled career

The Indiana Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (INFAME) is pleased to announce a partnership of regional manufacturers to implement dual-track, work-based learning training that will create a pipeline of highly skilled workers in Northeast Indiana. Ivy Tech Community College has been selected as the Northeast Indiana FAME (NEI FAME) education partner.

The partnership finalized formal agreements the week of April 28 and plans to start recruiting soon. The program will begin in the fall of 2021. NEI FAME strives to be a powerful conduit between industry and education.  Students selected to the program will pursue a two-year associate degree in Advanced Manufacturing at Ivy Tech while working for a NEI FAME sponsor company.  Sponsor companies will provide students with a paid work experience allowing them the opportunity to earn enough income to pay for the costs of the program, graduate debt-free, and begin a challenging career in just two years. 

“We know our local industry partners need high-quality talent to drive the manufacturing economy in our service area,” says Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw Chancellor Jerrilee Mosier. “We are pleased to have been chosen as Northeast Indiana’s FAME education partner and will rise to the challenge of feeding this critical talent pipeline.”

Students who participate in the program obtain 60 credit hours, approximately 1,800 hours of on-the-job training, a focus on developing soft skills critical to success, and the potential to work with a sponsoring employer or continue their education. 

“The Northeast Indiana FAME employer sponsors are excited about the opportunity that this program presents to local students, adult learners, our community, and manufacturing base.  With the ever-increasing cost of college tuition, we are proud to offer an opportunity for ambitious local students to get a jump-start on a great manufacturing career without incurring college debt in the process.” says Jeff Hansen, Northeast Indiana FAME Chair.  “We are also excited about our new partnership with Ivy Tech.  They will deliver a top-notch educational experience that will complement the manufacturing internship experience nicely.”   

Students must complete applications before being considered for the program. Learn more about INFAME and complete an application at

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