Ivy Tech certificates awarded to 20% of Wabash HS graduating seniors

Twenty percent of Wabash High School seniors graduated with a high school diploma and a college credential—the Statewide Transfer General Education Core Certificate from Ivy Tech Community College—in 2020. Students who have earned this credential can start their college education as a sophomore at any Indiana four-year institution.

Through a partnership with Ivy Tech Fort Wayne, Wabash High School teachers are credentialled through Ivy Tech to teach dual credit courses. These classes are free to the students, which means that those who graduate with this certificate earn their entire freshman year of college without the cost of tuition. Ivy Tech estimates the partnership saved Wabash families a combined total of up to $82,000 through this program.

“One of the key priorities in Wabash County is to increase educational attainment, making our county a better place to live and work,” says Jason Callahan, Superintendent of Wabash City Schools. “An important factor to our continued success is the partnership with Ivy Tech Community College. Together we are providing incredible cost-savings to Wabash families and giving our children a brighter future.”

Wabash City Schools partnered with Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw in 2016 to develop this program with the purpose of increasing educational attainment for Wabash County citizens. Currently in Wabash County, less than 30% of the workforce has some kind of credential above a high school diploma. Ultimately, Wabash leaders have the goal of graduating 60% of high school students with a Statewide Transfer General Education Core Certificate or Technical Certification.

“We’re dedicated to giving everyone in northeast Indiana the opportunity for an affordable, world-class education,” says Jerrilee Mosier, Chancellor of Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw. “Increasing the number of high school students in Wabash County who graduate immediately with a college credential is a momentous win. We look forward to strengthening our partnership with Wabash through the school system and by continuing to offer classes through the Wabash Community Learning Center.”

Ashley Henderson, Early College Advisor, provides the academic and student supports for the Wabash students who are enrolled in dual credit classes.  She advises and helps transition students either to Ivy Tech to complete their Associate Degree and or transfer to their 4-year college of choice. For more information on Ivy Tech’s dual credit program, contact Ashley Henderson at ahenderson150@ivytech.edu  or 260-482-9171, ext. 2418. 

Interested in taking Ivy Tech classes at the Wabash Community Learning Center? Contact Josh Blossom at jblossom1@ivytech.edu  or 260-563-8828. Ivy Tech’s fall classes begin August 24.

Warsaw CNC Machining Student Celebrates 2nd Career

By Tracey Myers, Warsaw CNC student

Why do I want to be a CNC machinist? My insecure brain asks me that as I drive to class quite frequently. My brain argues that I am too old, the wrong gender, and not as experienced as some of my 19-year-old, male classmates who had vocational training in high school. Honestly, I have no response to my doubts. I simply reassure myself that most fears are irrational and I just keep driving toward Warsaw. But, something that I have become aware of over the past semester of self-discovery is that although I might not have been born with a burning desire to be a machinist, I am learning that I want to become one.

I have shuffled groups of elementary students through Ivy Tech’s OAMTC facility on field trips marveling at the massive machines, but never picturing myself standing behind one. I taught for nearly fifteen years, and, for about the last three, I had left the elementary school building at 4:00 each afternoon feeling like a deflated balloon.

I knew I needed something different. I stumbled across the CNC certificate offered at Ivy Tech on an internet search for options. Warsaw is a reasonable distance that I could drive back and forth, I deduced. It’s a short enough program that I could pay for it from my savings, I calculated. It would open up an in-demand career path where I could help support my family and have good benefits, I decided. And as soon as I announce that I was going to make this change to my occupation I began questioning myself: “Do I really want to be a CNC machinist?”

A year ago I might have answered that question with a firm, “No.” However, I am learning what a problem-solving, mesmerizing, and challenging career CNC machining can be. A year ago, my old self would not have understood the wonder of holding a smooth, shiny piece of aluminum still warm from a lathe. A year ago, my old self would not have understood the pride I have in myself because I no longer tremble and sweat when I stand in front of a milling machine. A year ago, my old self would not have understood the “machinist high” when my instructor tells me that my part is, “darn near perfect”, and I want to run outside and throw my hat in the air like Mary Tyler Moore.

I have learned a lot of things in a semester. And, although my brain still asks me, “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” I can confidently respond to myself: “Come on, you know you think this is fun.”

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw announce spring 2020 Dean’s List

Ivy Tech Community College is pleased to announce the spring 2020 Dean’s List for the Fort Wayne Campus and the Warsaw Site. The Dean’s List, prepared and published each term, gives recognition to students who:

  • Are degree-seeking.
  • Achieve a minimum 3.50 grade point average in non-academic skills advancement courses with no Ds or Fs.
  • Earn six or more Ivy Tech credits during the semester.
  • Have earned at least 12 non-academic skills advancement credits during their course of study.

Dean’s List

Hala Abdallah
Isaiah Abel
Cory Absher
Abdullah Ahmad
Casey Aldrin
Edgar Aleman Orozco
Adel Alkhulaki
Alyssa Allen
Taeler Allen
Harley Allen
Ibrahim Alsalahi
Ana Alvarenga
Esmeralda Alvarez
Sandra Anders
Collin Anderson
Adolph Anguiano
Brenda Applegate
Tara Arbuckle
Kathleen Armour
Shawna Armstrong
Robert Armstrong
Rachelle Arnold
Mirna Arroyo Casique
Dylan Atchley
Stacy Atz
Todd Austin
San Aye
Ace Anthony Babiera
Jamie Back
Joshua Badgley
Tessa Bady
Benjamin Baez
Mohammed Bahar
Jonathon Bailey
Jacob Balo
Jarod Barber
Samantha Barcus
Samuel Barker
Sean Barker
Jacob Barker
Joshua Barkey
Ciarra Barnes
Nicholas Barnett
Julian Barrack
Erin Barrett
Taylor Barrus
Hannah Bartock
Jevene Barton
Brittany Bashore
Heather Batalis
Scott Batdorf
Travis Bauer
Kevin Baum
Alexandria Baysinger
Rama Zan Be
Erica Beachy
Lourdes Beard
Ransom Beard
Victoria Bearman
Sarah Beaver
Jaime Becker
Candy Beekman
Ronald Bennett
Alexis Bennett
Kate Bennett
Christina Benson
Abby Benya
Taylor Berghoff
Austin Berz
Isabella Biagiotti
Kylie Bibler
Ashley Bice
Triceten Bickford
Bonnie Bigelow
Cassidy Bigelow
Jillian Bilbrey
Eric Binnion
Benjamin Birchler
Alexis Birkenbeul
Nathean Bixby
Caitlin Blair
Kaylei Blair
Juan Paolo Blanco
Vanessa Blasco
Brittany Bleeke
Tressie Blocher
Nathaniel Blodgett
Brandon Boday
Angela Bohne
Mya Bolden
Robert Bolinger
Cameron Bond
Kristen Bonjour
Evelyn Booker
Kaylea Booker
Ashley Boone
Umut Boran
Duane Border
Canyon Bostick
Kylee Bowen
Ayden Bowers
Shanetta Bowman
Kyle Boyd
Stephen Brabbs
Sean Braden
Ashly Brancfield
Alexis Brandau
Mellannie Brandon
Matthew Brandon
Pierce Brandon
Kyle Branstrator
Jennifer Braun
Heather Brent
Ryan Bridgewater
Shayla Bridgewater
Ceiara Bright
Jacob Britton
Brandon Brooks
Andrew Brown
Nathan Brown
Timothy Brown
Zach Brown
Alexander Brubaker
Laurelle Bryan
Jennifer Bryan
Kelci Bryant
Blake Buchanan
Celine Buchanan
Taylor Buchanan
Ray Budd
Brandon Bultemeier
Jared Bultemeyer
Jaelyn Burdine
Angelika Burwell
Todd Bury
Jeffrey Buschman
Amanda Buss
Donald Butler
Lisa Byus
Zachary Caenepeel
Abigail Cain
Kayla Callahan
Abigail Campos
Jessica Campos
Sara Cannon
Todd Carpenter
Victoria Carpenter
Justin Carrico
Francisco Carrizales
Jacob Carson
Thomas Carter
Ashley Cassel
Cori Catron
Schayla Cecil
Ivan Cervantes
Ashton Chambers
Mahm Chan
Madison Chandler
Javier Chang
Jessica Chapman
Chris Chavez
Daniela Chinelli
Alyshia Chittenden
Erin Cirillo
Jackie Clair
Sierra Clark
Alyssa Clawson
Shelton Clemons
Shylyn Clouse
Nichole Coburn
Jasmine Cochran
Gary Coker
Trinity Coker
Jordan Conn
Lillie Conn
Deborah Connin
Vickie Cook
Becka Cook
Brett Cooper
Michaela Cottrell
Zarek Courtney
Jonathon Cousion
Ashley Cowen
Sonia Cox
Gina Craig
Heather Crawford
Kalen Creamer
Leticia Crespo
Cristian Cruz
Enrique Cuevas
Sarah Curry
Mayia Curtis
Suzana Da Silva
Noah Dalton
Kayla Daniels
Denise Daugherty-Crampton
Stephaine Davenport
Rachel Davis
Porscha Davis
James Davis
Ryan Dawson
Nathan Day
Melinda Debusk
Alyssa Decker
Anna Decker
Troy Deetz
Caleb DeKeyser
Dean DeLaughter
Josh DeLaurelle
Aubrey Demorest
Derc DeMuyt
Brandi Denman
Zachary Dennis
Britianie Denton
Colby Denton
Kayla Detrick
Sharon Diaz
Amy Diaz
Rodolfo Diaz
Orfelinda Dick
Ian Dikeolakos
Natasha Dillon
Amanda Dines
John Dirig
David Dixon
Tu Do
Alexander Doege
Sajra Dolic
Autumn Doster
Lindy Doster
Janie Doublin
Jenna Douglas
Rebekah Dowling
Alexander Drabik
Amber Drake
Michelle Drayer
Nicholas Drew
Jeffrey Duckwall
Julie Dufault
Victoria DuMont
Erik Duran
Jason Durnell
Sherry Dutkiewicz
Charles Dyess
Emma Eagleson
Latosha Ealy
Divinity East
Matthew Eastman
Kaylynn Eder
David Edward
Joshua Ehinger
Mohamed El araari
Laura Elward
Ashley Ely
Heidi Ely
Summer Engle
Larz Engquist
Adolfo Esquivel
Logan Esterline
Jhon Estevez
Itati Estrada Gomez
Laila Evans
Elisha Everett
Halie Fancil
Derek Farley
Trevor Faull
Jenna Ferguson
Brian Fiebig
Nichole Fifer
Mary Finney
Charity Fischer
Hope Fischer
Cheyne Fischer
Melody Fish
Hanna Fitzpatrick
Jesse Flores
Rodolfo Flores
Joseph Forti
Justin Foss
Todd Franks
Elizabeth Frantz
Nathan Freeman
Dena Friend
Adam Fritsch
Shaun Fry
Chad Fryer
Tammy Fugate
Taryn Fugate
Kaitlyn Furge
Andrew Furge
Katherine Fyfe
Courtney Gagnepain
Chloe Gagnon
Sara Galbreath
Maria Gallaga
Kassandra Gallagher
Leezamarie Gallagher
Casey Gallant
Sharon Gamble
Lakeesha Ganaway
Andres Garcia
Cynthia Garcia
Kenna Garrett
Travis Garrison
Santana Garza
Ernesto Garza
David Garza
Jose Garza
Holly Gaskill
Jose’ Gaspar
Nakia Gaulden
Jeff Gaunt
Morgan Gebhart
Sophia Gebhart
Ava Geiger
Kaitlen Geimer
Michelle Gensel
Jacob Gentz
Levi George
Tyler Gerben
Kyra Gerber
Anthony Gerbers
Kayla Gervais
Rebekah Gibson
Jared Gibson
Emily Gibson
Deann Gibson
Dominic Gigax
Guadalupe Gil
Maria Gilliland
Tiffany Gillison
Alyssa Gingerich
Wayne Gipson
Arben Gllafce
John Goldner
Jose Gomez Marquez
David Gong
Victoria Gonzales
Misael Gonzalez
Brandon Good
Hayley Gorup
Wyatt Gottschalk
Jeffery Graber
Allee Graham
Gregory Graham
Rebecca Grandlienard
Katrina Grant
Peggy Graziano
Connor Green
Tyler Greenbank
Donna Greeno
Cole Greer
Jalynne Greer
Taylor Griese
Brooke Griffith
Joshua Grimes
Sara Griswold
Lauren Gross
James Grover
Hayley Grover
Glenn Gruny
Aaron Guiff
Chelsie Gulyanics
Bryan Gundlach
Briana Gunter
Alma Gutierrez
Mason Gynn
Darriyn Hackbarth
Lucas Hacker
Christoffer Hade
Hannah Haffenden
Charles Hagerman
Jennie Haiflich
Katie Hale
Joshua Hall
Lakeisha Hall
Jacob Hall
Michelle Hamilton
Mackenzie Hamilton
James Hamman
Nan Hammel
Kyle Hampton
Ryan Hampton
Keith Hamrick
Grant Haney
Brianna Harpel
Mary Harris
Cortney Harris
Matthew Harris
Blade Harris
Kourtney Harris
Lahla Harris-Arzate
April Harrison
Christian Harris-Roeder
Jennifer Harry
Aron Harshbarger
Kelleigh Hart
Mitch Hart
Ryan Hart
Austen Hart
Justin Hart
Brian Hartman
Ashlee Hartsock
Mackenzie Harvey
Ryan Hatter
Emilie Hatton
Stephanie Haverstock
Adrian Head
Taylor Heckley
Karen Heckman
Joshua HeffelFinger
Daniel Heflin
Matthew Heil
Garrett Helpling
Raven Helsel
Haley Henline
Marisol Hernandez
Kassidy Hernandez
Ashley Herrick
Joel Herron
Grant Hershberger
Brooke Hess
Celie Hewitt
Zachary Hibbert
Audrey Hilkey
Keri Hill
Deven Hill
Dain Hillis
Brianna Hisey
Tyler Hitchcock
Corey Hoff
Gary Hogge
Laquisha Hogue
Emily Holdeman
Aaron Holdgreve
Lachana Holland
Patrick Holly
Jessica Holzman
Tang Bao Ngoc Hong
Megan Horner
Julio Horta
Gabrielle Horwitz
Natalie Hough
Zachary Howald
Angela Howard
Heidi Howard
Toe Htay
Kai Doh Htoo
ThawZin Htun
Joshua Hueber
Rebecca Hughes
Melissa Hughes
Emily Hulburt
Jay Humphrey
Patrick Hunt
Meredith Hunter
Bethany Hussung
Thao Hutchings
Adam Huth
Brandon Inskeep
Robert Irgang
Christopher Isaac
Madelyn Isch
Megan Isenbarger
Krista Jackson
Gillian Jackson
Lindsay Jackson
Brian Jackson
Malinda Jackson Brown
Kara Jacobs
Dana James
Carson Jasper
Christina Jastrzemski
Tanisha Jefferson
Kara Jehl
Nicole Jennings
Magaly Jimenez
Brant Johnson
Jeri Johnson
Johnnie Johnson
Larry Johnson
Elizabeth Johnson
Andrew Johnson
Denise Johnson
Shannon Jones
Christopher Jones
Brett Jones
Morgan Jones
Jael Jones
Sophia Jones
Hardy Jones
Dianna Jones
Cedar Jones
Julia Just
Tara Kabat
Elizabeth Kahn
Brittany Kaminski
Bennett Kauffman
Jasmeen Kaur
Jill Kaye
Emily Kazman
Rawlin Kegley
Michel Keisker
Kevin Kell
Ryan Kelly
Taylor Kennedy
Joni Kent
Scott Kern
Isabel Kern
Katie Kern
Jayme Kersey
Alec Kesling
Kdrian Key
Seth Keyes
Naida Khalilova
Don Kiel
Rhett Kiessling
Ayshelle King
Manassee Kisonga
Zachery Kitson
Jessica Kline
Cody Kline
Michael Klopfenstein
Trevor Knapp
Robert Knight
Cathrine Knight
Payton Knittle
Connor Knoblauch
David Knoerzer
Jerry Knuth
Cole Koenig
Madeline Koos
Oleksandra Kravets
Levi Krider
Katelyn Krueckeberg
Giran Kunkel
Austin Kyger
Saprina Kyles
Ka Le Lot La
Joseph Laba
Debra Lake
Taylor Lamb
Zachary Lane
Tabitha Langford
Thomas LaPerle
Abigail Larrison
Grant Lashure
Mudah Laung
Sydni Lawson
Christina Le
Ryan Lee
Sadie Lee
Alan Lee
Jada Lee
Robert Lee
Jonathan Leigh
J Isaac Lengacher
Landon Lengacher
Shannon Lewandowski
Stacey Lewis
Jonathon Lewis
Sonya Lewis
Madison Lewis
Demarius Lewis
Anika Lewis
Stefanie Lewis
Brenda Liechty
Noah Lien
Stacie Light
Samuel Lind

Sheridan Lippi
Silas Little
Jerica Lock
Laura Long
Rosalinda Lopez
Sheila Lopez
Alicia Lopez
Robert Losey
Ian Loughner
Zachary Love
Jennifer Love
Kenneth Lowe
Anthony Luchini
Jason Luna
Joyce Lundy
Braxtany Lynch
Terry Lynch
Eunice Macharia
Quenjule Mackenzie
Erland Maki
Majed Maktari
Saba Mamo
Ravilyn Mangompit
Jessica Manhardt
Lydia Mann
Braxton Mantel
Mauricio Mantilla Bohorquez
Anna Manwaring
Jason Marker
Taylor Marks
Allison Marlowe
Kierra Maroney
Blayne Marple
Trista Marsden
McKenna Marsh
Eric Marshall
Malcolm Marshall
Anniah Marshall
Kamya Martin
Savannah Martin
Jose Martinez
Pedro Martinez
Fernando Martinez
Christopher Martz
Nathan Marvel
Allison Mason
Devin Masterson
Niki Mattingly
Teresa Maxson
Tristyn May
Cassandra Mayhew
Ansley Mbah
Michelle McBride
Addison McCann
Hannah McCarty
Joseph McClamrock
Shekinah McClellan
Joel McClure
Lisa McCollister
McKenzie McCormick
Kalie McCormick
Aliyssa McCormick-Chmielewski
David McCoy
Nikki McCoy
Elizabeth McCullough
Hannah McElroy
Janae Mcgill
Alex McGill
Joseph McGwin
Joshua McKenzie
Alyssa McKinley
Michael McKinley
Taylor McNamara
San Medevielle
Steven Medford
Robert Meeks
Nathaniel Meese
Alec Melcher
Wade Mellon
Karl Melton
Ivonne Mendez
Sara Mendez
Ramiro Mendoza
Katherine Menez
Kyr’e Mercer
Jake Mersing
William Merz
Braden Meschberger
Cheyenne Metcalf
Rebecca Meyer
Rey Meyer
Jeremy Miers
Lara Miller
Samuel Miller
Elizabeth Miller
Dawn Miller
Mishayla Miller
David Miller
Dylan Miller
Meghann Miller
Susaine Miller
Logan Miller
Iris Miller
Dezaray Miller
Crystal Miller
Pathy Mimpongo
Diana Min
Nicole Minier
Amber Minnick
Greg Miser
Chase Mitchell
Trevor Mobley
Abdiwahab Moburuk
Molly Moen
Rianna Moening
Thomas Moffitt
Jahingir Alam Mohammad Salim
Marbin Molina Guerrero
Coral Lee Molion
Elyssa Montoya
Nawannda Moore
Chelsia Moore
Andrew Moore
Jordan Moore
Kiara Moore
Joshua Moreland
Madolyn Morgan
Trevor Morr
Nathaniel Morris
Edward Morris
Mary Morris-Reed
Ellen Morrow
Jacob Morse
Jacob Morua
Allison Mosher
Shyanna Moyer
Kimberly Moyotl
Senaida Mrzljak
Noah Murphy
Aliza Murphy
Robin Murphy
Rebecca Murphy
Marie Chantal Mushagalusa
Daniel Musser
Nathan Myers
Sherrie Napier
Michael Nash
Brittany Neal
Kelly Neeley
Dennis Neilands
Courvosiera Nelson
Bailey Ness
Kendra Nesser
Mary Newell
Chad Newman
Lisa Newman
Nhu Nguyen
Anh Nguyen
Crystal Nichols
Khin Nilar
Alyssa Nix
Andrea Nix
Devon Noe
Amy Noel
Samson Nofzinger
Katelynn Norris
Juliette Norwood
Katrina Nsamala
Roberto Nunez
Nicholas Oberley
Holly Obregon
Christina Oehmcke
Miranda Olinger
Anthony Oliver
Monica Olivo
Harrietta Omoregie
Melody Omoregie
Rachel O’Nan
Victoria Ong
Brittany Ormsby
Jaimi Osten
Molly Owen
Jeannie Owsley
Ravinder Pabla
Erik Parcell
Sean Park
Jesse Parker
Sarah Parker
Derek Parr
Jeffrey Parrett
Kayla Parris
Amber Patino
Madalyn Patterson
Sophie Patton
Mark Paul
Nicole Pease
Noal Pence
Jamie Penn
Zachery Pennell
Michelle Pennell-Madden
Haylie Pepper
Kaycee Pepple
Kendahl Perdieu
Charles Perez
Daniel Perez
Sergio Perez De Leon
Tosha Perkins
Sharmae Perkins
Kieli Perkins
Marion Peterman
Maria Pfeiffer
Kaniyah Pharms
Steven Ploense
Eva Pocock
Seth Pomerantz
Casey Pontius
Leidy Ponton
Melanie Porter
David Prater
Ashley Prater
Jason Price
Brandy-Lei Price
Netanya Price-Flatt
Evita Minette Publico
Stacy Quinn
Elizabeth Quinn
Lauren Quinn
Monserrat Quintana
Skyler Ragan
Gina Raimondo
Kamren Ramey
Elsa Ramirez
Evan Ramp
Jessica Ratliff
Jacob Rauner
Bradley Rearick
Reginald Reed
Andrew Reed
Abigail Rees
Shannen Regan
Tori Reiley
Nicholas Reinking
Joshua Reish
Alexis Relue
Jennifer Rensberger
Makayla Rentfrow
Calib Resor
Jennifer Resor
Kiera Reynolds
Hayley Reynolds
Spencer Rhoades
Tori Rice
Tristan Richmond
Dylan Rickman
Sarah Riddle
Michael Ridenour
Kara Riley
Colton Ringel
Joy Rittmeyer
Kyle Rittmeyer
Gianni Rivera
Kevin Rivera
Caleb Rivich
Troy Robinson
Allison Rodkey
Cameron Rodriguez
Lilian Rodriguez Rodriguez
Michal Rogers
Madison Rogers
Brenna Rogers
Marcos Romero
Deborah Romine
Samuel Rondot
Rene Rosales
Kim Rose
Jaden Roth
Susana Ruiz-Vieyra
Samuel Runkle
Susan Ruschhaupt
Brittani Russell
Nicholas Russell
Hope Russell
Rocio Ruvalcaba
Daniele Ryan
Sanajda Sakanovic
Kathleen Salazar
Cristian Salazar Otero
Abdulla Salem
Dalton Salmon
Denisse Sanchez
Victor Sandoval
Johanna Sandoval
Lorena Santiago
Nai Sar
Nathaniel Saucedo
Niklas Sauer
Jennifer Sayre
Anna Scantlin
Anita Scheiderer
Kace Scheitlin
Ashley Schermerhorn
Felicia Scheumann
Shayna Schlichter
Charis Schmidt
Dustin Schmidt
Sarah Schmidt
Krista Schmucker
Brian Schnelker
Kelsey Schnitz
Kenna Schrader
Merrit Schrock
Courtney Schutte
Eric Schwab
Doug Schwartz
Rafe Scott
Caleb Seely
Megan Seitz
Lucas Sellers
Dorothy Selner
Jessica Semonis
Madison Senters
Sujin Seo
Irwin Serratos Villeda
Travis Setser
Lyndsay Sewell
Caleb Shannon
Nathan Shatto
Carmen Shaw
Kaci Sheets
Keri Sheets
William Shelmadine
Cole Shepherd
Natalie Sherrard
Richard Shery
Travis Shoaf
Alanson Shock
Sydney Short
Madison Shoudel
Kent Shrock
Tessa Shultz
Hailee Sievers
David SIlva
Janet Silva
Shalea Simmons
Dominque Sims
Angela Sincroft
Kayla Singleton
Justin Sisson
Brandi Sitko
Eric Slone
Sara Smart
Tyler Smekens
Brigid Smigelski
Bud Smith
Sabrina Smith
Lavern Smith
Sethe Smith
Josie Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Nicole Smith
Dat Smith
Nicholas Smith
Chelsey Smith
Courtney Smith
Seth Smith
Craig Smith
Nathan Smith
Krista Smothermon
MicKenzie Sneiderwine
Darrell Snyder
Melissa Snyder
Makyla Snyder
Derek Snyder
Bwai Ku So
Paw Soe
AungZin Soe
Kaung Soe
Khaing Soe
James Sommers
Ma Mae Soot
Moriah Sordelet
Kaitlyn Sorg
Susana Soto
Brandon Soto
Dominique Sower
Donovan Sparks
Joel Spaulding
Lauren Speck
Timothy Spradling
Erin Springer
Vashon Stallings
Breyden Stankovich
Tony Stanley
Brooke Stanley
Abigail Steger
Cody Stephens
Wilma Steury
Justin Stevens
Jarred Steward
Shelbie Stirratt
Holly Stoiche
Emmy Stoiche
Beryl Stoner
Abbegayle Stoner
Alysha Storie
Olivia Stouder
Noah Stovall
Jordan Straessle
Owen Strahm
Kierstynn Strange
Aimee Stroud
Kandee Stroud
Nathaniel Stroud
John Stuber
Thad Study
Pamela Suarez
Carli Sumwalt
Hanna Surface
Danielle Swada
Daniel Swain-Brown
Casey Swan
Ashley Swanson
Sean Swanson
Georges Tambwe
Julie Tarlton
Brody Taylor
Emily Taylor
Stacy Tecaxco
Sara Temple
Keith Terry
Mikaela Thacker
Anthony Thang
Stefan Thieme
Krista Thieme
Jordan Thomas
Trenton Thomas
Joshua Thompson
Deborah Thompson
Jamie Thorn
Myint Thu
Hay Mar Thwe
Oscar Tienda
Jennifer Timberlin
Logan Tingley
Kacey Tinnel
Cristina Tlahuetl-Zaca
Brianna Todd
Kayla Traina
Chinh Tran
Hien Tran
Gia Huy Tran
Phuong Tran
Billy Treadway
Justin Treft
Brad Troutman
Andrew Tucci
Heather Turner
Holly Ulrey
Paul Ulrich
Kyle Upp
Gabriel Van Huisen
Christopher Van Pelt
Matthew Vance
Natalie Vance
Samuel Vanderleest
Kamen Vasevski
Marco Vasquez
Rebecca Vaughn
Avery Veazey
Evangelina Vega
Tyler Vegas
Lilian Velazquez
Luis Vergara Schoonewolff
Samuel Verslype
Emira Veseli
Christopher Vibbert
Robert Viers
Betsaida Villalobos
Leslie VO
Molly Waddell
Jack Waddell
Mason Waggoner
Heather Waggy
Emily Wagoner
Robert Waikel
Charles Wainscott
Gina Waldrop
Jason Wallace
Courtney Wallace
Sophia Walsh
Mark Walters
Annastazia Ward
Robert Ward
Scarlet Warner
Dakota Warren
Bethany Washler
Brian Waszczak
Teresa Waterman
Jon Watson
Kortney Webb
Carissa Weber
Hunter Weber
Jason Welker
Zachary Wells
Quinton West
Benjamin Wheeler
Taryn Whetstone
Scott Whitacre
Michaela Whitacre
Makayla Whitaker
Kaitlin Whitaker
Scott White
Carsten White
Samuel Whiteman
Tyler Wiktorowicz
Morgan Wilcox
Jade Wilcox
Stephanie Wilcox
John Wilcox
Shawn Williams
Daphne Williams
Hannah Williams
Seth Wills
Houston Wills
Torrey Wilson
Spencer Wilson
Lisa Wilson
Alexis Wilson
Min Tun Win
Stephanie Winters
Adam Wisz
Steven Witte
Britiny Wittkamper
Dakota Wolber
Matthew Wolf
Tiara Wood
Ariana Wooten
Mckenzie Working
Lucy Worth
Sara Worth
Paul Wright
Ronald Wright
Nora Wright
Eric Wright
Augustine Wyss
Jialiang Xiang
Ajeet Yadav
Roshni Yadav
Brian Yang
Kortney Yarian
Alexis Yaryan
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Ivy Tech Fort Wayne offering CHOICES virtual summer program for freshmen and sophomores

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne is hosting the CHOICES (Creating Holistic Opportunities Integrating Career and Educational Success) virtual program for rising 9th and 10th graders from July 13–24. The program objectives include career exploration (exposure to careers the students wouldn’t otherwise consider), student success workshops, career development and college readiness. The camp is targeted toward students who need extra college prep before taking dual credit or dual enrollment classes. 

The goal of CHOICES is to help students who need extra attention or motivation to become college ready. CHOICES will help students develop study skills, test taking skills, time management and more. There will be career exploration, where students will learn about career opportunities and get exposed to careers they might not have otherwise considered. CHOICES will also include an academic year component where the participants will benefit from student success workshops and networking opportunities with local industry leaders within high-wage/high-demand career fields. 

Project CHOICES supports the northeast Indiana’s Big Goal of increasing postsecondary attainment to more than 60% by 2030 by increasing the number of pre-college students pursuing a pathway toward a certificate, technical certificate or associate degree.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic concerns, the program will be held virtually and is open to anyone in northeast Indiana. Students must have stable internet connection and be committed to participation during the program hours. Some rising 11th graders may be considered on a case-by-case basis. To learn more or reserve your spot, visit link.ivytech.edu/Choices  The deadline to apply is July 1.

9 a.m. to noon, July 13–24

Virtual meeting

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne faculty, program win American Technical Education Association awards

AART Program Chair Bob Parker

The American Technical Education Association (ATEA) recognized Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne for exceptional programs and teaching on June 2. The Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology (AART) program was awarded Outstanding Technical Program of the Year, and AART Program Chair Bob Parker received the Outstanding Instructor of the Year award. Ivy Tech Fort Wayne previously received the Outstanding Technical Program of the Year award for automotive technology in 2016.

“Our Fort Wayne campus continues to be a model for Ivy Tech Community College, leading by example with exemplary labs and faculty providing the highest quality education and training to industry partners,” says Sue Smith, Vice President of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science at Ivy Tech Community College.

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne’s AART program is highly valued by local and national industries. Many local businesses, including Steel Dynamics, Inc. and B.F. Goodrich send their incumbent workers to Ivy Tech to upskill them in the advanced technology that employees greatly need in today’s smart manufacturing world. Graduates are sought after by national corporations, including one student who was recently hired by the Tesla Gigafactory in Sparks, NV.

“Kudos to Bob Parker and our AART faculty for this well-deserved recognition,” says Darrel Kesler, Ivy Tech Fort Wayne Dean of the Schools of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science and Information Technology. “The AART team previously won the National Council for Workforce Education Exemplar Credit Program Award and a state-wide CTE award. This preeminent program is a model for technical education and a phenomenal resource for northeast Indiana.”

Faculty from Ivy Tech Fort Wayne were also recently recognized by ATEA as “Best Practice Heroes” for sharing Best Practices sessions regarding moving technical education online. The following faculty in the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science were recognized as “Best Practice Heroes” by ATEA: Cait Cramer (Engineering), Nick Goodnight (Automotive), Frank Garro (HVAC), Ryan Voorhees (Construction Technology), and Darrel Kesler (Dean).

ATEA is a national organization. Their mission is communicating the role and importance of technical education to the nation, sharing best practices, developing professional relationships and identifying trends and technology that will impact technical education.

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne’s AART program is open for fall enrollment. Anyone interested in the program should contact the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science office at 260-480-4157 or contact Bob Parker directly at rparker27@ivytech.edu

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne graduates first cohort of Steel Dynamics, Inc. apprentices

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne has graduated the first cohort of industrial technology apprentices in partnership with Steel Dynamics, Inc. For the past two years, twelve students have followed a custom curriculum developed by Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Steel Dynamics while working and going to school full time. They graduated in May 2020 with Associate of Applied Science degrees and were immediately transitioned into full-time specialized roles as either Electrical Mill Technicians or Mechanical Mill Technicians, which are well-paid, challenging positions.

“Steel Dynamics developed this program because there is an ongoing need for mechanical and electrical expertise in our operations,” says Staci Beiswanger, Employee Development Manager at Steel Dynamics, Inc. “The Steel Dynamics, Inc. apprenticeship program is a great way for a motivated individual to gain additional technical skills while earning a wage. Ivy Tech has been a great partner who was highly flexible and helped us develop a custom program to fit our company’s needs.”

Most of the students in this program were originally team members employed with Steel Dynamics who wanted to upskill into more technically-skilled positions. Through the program, Steel Dynamics paid for their tuition, books, and even paid the apprentices an hourly wage while they attended class. To compliment the classroom experience, the apprentices worked 25 hours per week under the mentorship of an experienced Steel Dynamics team member.

“I was originally hired November 2017 in the shipping department as a haul truck driver, and I wanted to advance in the company. When I heard about the apprenticeship program, I decided that was the best way I could get where I wanted to be,” says electrical apprentice Justin Hart. “I loved the hands-on nature of the classes at Ivy Tech and the range of projects we worked on. When I was in high school, I was pushed into getting a four-year degree. But if I had to do it all over again, I would have chosen this program, this trade-school. I never would have thought that going to school for two years could result in a job with this high of a wage. SDI is such a great company, and I couldn’t be happier than where I am.”

Steel Dynamics and Ivy Tech were true partners in creating this apprenticeship program. Ivy Tech worked with Steel Dynamics to create the best curriculum to prepare these students for their new responsibilities. Steel Dynamics purchased equipment for Ivy Tech—including a centrifugal pump learning system and a process control learning system—that the apprentices would need to complete their training.

“The strong partnership between Ivy Tech and Steel Dynamics shows in this robust apprenticeship program that helps set our students up for immediate and future success,” says Darrel Kesler, Dean of the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science and Information Technology. “These apprentices are incredibly hardworking, sometimes studying from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. because they’re so dedicated to improving themselves.”

College to host weekly Virtual Express Enrollment Days through August

At Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and Warsaw’s Virtual Express Enrollment Days, prospective students can complete all the steps they need to start classes without leaving the house. Enrollment experts will be available virtually to answer questions and help attendees with enrollment steps including financial aid, advising and more.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw are providing virtual one-on-one assistance to help prospective students through their enrollment steps. These Virtual Enrollment Days will take place every Thursday from June 11 through Aug. 13 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Prospective students can visit bit.ly/fwThursEEdays to register. Registration is now open for classes starting in August.

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Every Thursday from June 11 through Aug. 13

Virtual Zoom Meeting

College offering 10,000 participants free classes and trainings

Ivy Tech Community College, including its Fort Wayne and Warsaw locations, has announced it is offering free classes and trainings for 10,000 participants. The College is elevating its commitment to Hoosiers impacted by COVID-19 experiencing unemployment, reduced hours, and/or furloughs across the state. Participants may take more than one class or training in a range of relevant high-demand areas.

Hoosiers can get detailed information about the classes and trainings, and register for free, by visiting www.ivytech.edu/10kclasses.

Many of the classes and trainings will be offered so that the participants can start and finish on their own timeline, with no regular course meeting times. A few offerings are limited. The College plans to increase the types of offerings and trainings throughout the summer. 

“Nearly 650,000 Hoosiers are faced with unemployment, reduced hours or furloughs. While we hope many will return to their jobs, this is an outstanding opportunity for Hoosiers to skill up and become more marketable to their current and future employers,” Ivy Tech President Sue Ellspermann shared. “Ivy Tech and our partners have come together to provide free relevant training for what we hope will be many more than 10,000 Hoosiers.”

Classes and trainings that are currently being offered as part of the initiative include:

  • Advanced Manufacturing: Industry 4.0 Silver Level Multi-Skill Maintenance and Operations Technician Certifications (Associate, Electrical Systems, Electric Motor Control Systems, Motor Control Troubleshooting, Pneumatic Systems)
  • Tools of the Industry with Autodesk: Introduction to CAD, CAM, and Practical CNC Machining, Fusion 360 Introduction to CAD and CAM, Simulation Analysis for Mechanical Engineers, 3-Axis Machining with Fusion 360, Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design and Manufacturing, Modeling and Design for Mechanical Engineers. Autodesk Inc. is the software provider for people who make things
  • Information Technology: Introduction to Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Essentials, AWS Educate Cloud Practitioner
  • Business and Cross-Sector: LinkedIn Learning

Later this summer more class and training offerings for skills credit, and for-credit classes and trainings, will be phased in.

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne to host free virtual STEM camp for area middle, high school teachers this summer

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne’s ASM Materials Camp is open to high school and middle school teachers, including homeschool teachers, with preference given to those in the fields of chemistry, physical science, engineering, industrial/career, and technical education. All teachers from the state of Indiana are welcome to sign up for this virtual camp, which runs June 22–26.

The camp will show teachers new ways to incorporate low-cost experiments into their existing curriculum. During this unprecedented time, ASM Materials Education Foundation has made the decision not to hold in-person camps this summer. They are instead providing interactive, virtual Materials Camp options each week so that individuals can still attend and learn with other teachers from across the state. The ASM Foundation will also build an online community to provide year-round comradery and resources.

“Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and the ASM Materials Education Foundation are bringing this fantastic opportunity for educators to learn how to incorporate material science concepts into their classes,” says Cait Cramer, assistant program chair for Material Science Technology. “Participants will learn about exciting labs and engaging hands-on activities like growing crystals, building towers out of paper, examining the color changes that happen when ceramic glazes are fired, and more. This camp will provide teachers with a wealth of information and fun experiments that they can use to get their students excited about almost any subject they teach.”

The camp is free to all middle and high school science teachers. Two graduate-level credits are optional for $250 through the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Teachers can get more information and sign up for the free camp online at asmfoundation.org/teachers/camp-schedule/. Space is limited.

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw Announces Curtis Award Winners

Every year, two graduating students are awarded the Melvin L. Curtis Award for Academic Excellence during Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw’s commencement ceremony. The Curtis Award is the highest award presented to an Ivy Tech Community College graduate in northeast Indiana and a winner is chosen to represent the university transfer and career/technical wings of the College. Although Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw is not holding a formal commencement ceremony in 2020, we still want to recognize and celebrate our winning students’ accomplishments.

Faith Peralez, School of Public Affairs & Social Services

Faith Peralez grew up in Decatur, Indiana with her parents Fernando and Jami Peralez and three brothers and two sisters. She was home schooled from grades K-12. She started going to Ivy Tech Fort Wayne in Fall 2015 for an Associate Degree in Baking and Pastry. In May 2019, received her Pastry Culinarian Certificate and graduated in 2020 with two associate degrees: one in Baking and Pastry Arts and the other in Culinary Arts. She recently competed in Ivy Tech’s 2020 European Competition for the hospitality students and won the opportunity to travel to Italy with five other students.

Faith liked coming to Ivy Tech because of her teachers, small class sizes, and being close to home. “Ivy Tech has helped me by providing me the skills I need to pursue my dreams,” says Faith. “It also gave me connections in my field of study. My plan after college is to work in a restaurant to grow my knowledge of pastries so that one day I can open my own bakery.”

Molly Waddell, School of Information Technology

Molly is a non-traditional student. She attempted college after graduating from North Side, but when that didn’t work out, she moved on to waitressing. Twenty-years, Molly returned to education, earning an AAS in Business Administration in 2018 and then continuing toward a second AAS degree in Visual Communication. Molly has been an artist her whole life, but now she’s found a conduit for her passion. After a very successful educational journal at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne, Molly graduated this May with a 4.0 GPA.

Additionally, her husband is a part-time student in the Hospitality Administration program and is on the American Culinary Foundation advisory board.  Her son, William Passino, is a full-time student in the Building Construction Technology program. Molly is a true Ivy Tech success story.

“My favorite thing about Ivy Tech is how close it is to where I live and work,” says Molly. “As a busy mom I don’t have time to commute. Not only is Ivy Tech right up the street, but it is also an important part of our community. I plan to use what I’ve learned at Ivy Tech to earn a BFA at Purdue Fort Wayne and build my own creative arts business.”