Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw graduate more than 1,800 at 51st annual commencement ceremony

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and Warsaw celebrated its 51st annual commencement ceremony today at Coliseum Campus. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ceremony was held in a drive-thru format. The College graduated more than 1,800 students in Fort Wayne and Warsaw and awarded 2,700+ associate degrees, certificates, and technical certificates.

STUDENT SPEAKER: The class of 2021’s student speaker was Tinisha Thomas, who graduated with an associate degree in general studies, a general education transfer core technical certificate, and a culinarian certificate. Hear her inspirational speech at IvyTech.edu/fortwayne/graduation.

BUD CURTIS AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING STUDENT: The College gives two Curtis Awards each year: one recognizing an outstanding graduate from the College’s career and technical schools, and the other, the university/transfer schools. This year’s winners are Abby Benya, from the School of Public and Social Services; and Michelle Drayer, from the School of Arts, Sciences & Education.

The Bud Curtis Award winners are chosen from among the Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw Outstanding Student Awards, which are awarded to one student per academic school. This year’s remaining Outstanding Student Awards went to the following students:

Shannon Lewandowski Anderson, School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science

Jonathon Lewis, School of Information Technology

Nicole Minier, School of Nursing

VerLon Murkey, School of Health Sciences

Jennifer Vanderpool, School of Business, Logistics, and Supply Chain

PRESIDENT’S AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN INSTRUCTION: Each Ivy Tech across the state nominates the winner of its President’s Award, which goes to a full-time faculty member, for the Founder’s Award for Excellence in Instruction. The Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw nominee is Associate Professor of Economics Matthew Fisher.

ADJUNCT FACULTY AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN INSTRUCTION AND GERALD I. LAMKIN AWARD NOMINEE: Each Ivy Tech across the state nominates the winner of its Adjunct Faculty Award, which goes to a part-time faculty member. These nominees are then eligible for the Gerald I. Lamkin Award for adjunct faculty members. The Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw nominee of the statewide Lamkin Award is automotive instructor Jim Graham.

SPECIAL NOTE: Students and guests used #IvyTechGrad to share celebratory moments on social media. Use the hashtag to view graduation photos and messages of encouragement on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Wayne Manufacturing and Steel Dynamics, Inc. honored for partnerships with Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw

Craig Parsons, President of Wayne Manufacturing; Dave Bair, Vice President of Wayne Manufacturing; and Darrel Kesler, Dean of the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science.

During their Awards for Excellence Recognition Program on May 12, Steel Dynamics, Inc. (SDI) and Wayne Manufacturing were each given an Award for Excellence for Outstanding Secondary/Post-secondary Career and Technical Education Partnership by the Indiana Office of Career and Technical Education under the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet. The award was given in recognition of their respective partnerships with Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and Warsaw.

“We at Wayne Manufacturing are proud to support Ivy Tech and the welding program,” said Craig Parsons, President of Wayne Manufacturing. “We know that many of our future operators, technicians and managers are in the very classes we support. We have seen time and again how talented those students are when we are considering new hires. We look forward to many more years of a great working relationship between Wayne Manufacturing and Ivy Tech.”

Wayne Manufacturing has been a long-term partner in supporting Ivy Tech’s welding program. Welding is a high demand workforce need in northeast Indiana. Training programs benefit incumbent workers, near-release individuals from the Chain O’Lakes Correctional Facility in Albion, and traditional students.

Steel Dynamics, Inc. has also been a valuable partner in creating a pipeline of skilled workers in northeast Indiana. The company has created an apprenticeship program to upskill their incumbent workers. Apprenticeship cohorts progress through a two-year associate degree while continuing employment with the company.

“Northeast Indiana’s dominate industry is manufacturing and workers need both technical and ‘soft’ skills to foster the health of the industry,” said Darrel Kesler, Dean of the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science. “Technology, including digitization, is advancing exponentially and has encroached in the workplace. Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw works collaboratively with industry like Steel Dynamics, Wayne Manufacturing, and others to teach the skills needed to by workers to not only remain competitive, but the advance above competitors.”

To learn more about manufacturing training at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw, visit IvyTech.edu/advancedmanufacturing.

Ivy Tech and Workforce Development Take Hoosiers to the Next Level of their careers

In Fall 2020, amidst a pandemic and record unemployment, Ivy Tech and the Department of Workforce Development worked together to elevate Hoosiers who wanted to get back into the workforce. The resulting Taking Hoosiers to The Next Level program offered free classes to Indiana residents, allowing them to earn a certification in six months or less. The results were a wild success, with 283 of students signing up for classes in Fall 2020 and another 256 in Spring 2021.

Who are these students and how is Ivy Tech impacting their lives? Here’s a snapshot of their stories:

VerLon Murkey
Phlebotomy Certificate

VerLon was a trained chef in Fort Wayne who lost his job during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since he was still paying off student debt from his other degrees, the idea of free classes leading to a certification was very appealing. As a former veterinary technician, VerLon had a background in medicine, which made the phlebotomy certificate a natural choice.

“This whole thing has been a challenge, but a fun challenge. It can be difficult to complete some of the technical science classes in 8 weeks, but it can be done. If your heart and mind are in it, then you should go for it!”

Even though VerLon won’t graduate with his phlebotomy certification until May 15, he’s already been hired at Parkview Health as a phlebotomist! Thanks to the Taking Hoosiers to the Next Level program, VerLon is already back in the workforce, less than a year after he started taking free classes at Ivy Tech.

Beth Avila
Web Application Certificate

This wasn’t Beth’s first… or second… or third… experience in higher education. With bachelor’s degrees in English and History, a Master’s degree in History, and a Ph.D. in English—not to mention a published author—she’s not the typical Ivy Tech student. After graduating with her Ph.D., Beth found a great job doing historical property research for environmental surveys, but she was laid off at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. She received an email about the THNL program from the Department of Workforce Development and decided to pursue a degree in Web Application.

“I was interested in the program in the first place because in the last year of my Ph.D. program, I worked on a digital media project at Ohio State University. I’ve been interested in digital media and websites—specifically web design—since then. I taught myself, but I didn’t have anything on paper that said ‘I know how to do this.’ The Taking Hoosiers to the Next Level program was the perfect opportunity to learn the skills that I’ve wanted to learn for a long time without a financial investment.”

Beth isn’t sure exactly what job she wants after graduating in May, but she’s excited for new possibilities. After learning technical skills in addition to her already present high-level skills in writing, editing, communicating and teaching, Beth hopes that doors will open and she can find an amazing job that combines it all.

Susan Omar
Java Application Certificate

Susan’s primary objective for taking classes through THNL wasn’t necessarily to get a better job, but to grow her professional skills. Simply—Susan loves to learn. She has a diverse portfolio, including engineering, sales, marketing, business, leadership, and contract analysis, but felt there were gaps in her knowledge on the technical side. She is a contract analyst who wanted to upskill and be able to speak intelligently about technical matters, like protecting companies from cyber security threats.

“I do not have a background in computer language. I knew that was one area that was a gap in my knowledge. And I wanted to know enough to be dangerous. When I found out the THNL program was a full six classes, I thought… ‘do you want to do this?’ And then I said, ‘why not?’ For me, it’s always why not. Especially because they were free. So I signed up and it’s been great!”

After graduation, Susan will continue working on her Ph.D. at Indiana Tech in Global Leadership. She doesn’t have a specific job title in mind, but wants to continue growing and be the kind of person who can make a difference at whatever company she works for.

“My focus right now is to be somewhere I can help and make a difference. I don’t need a fancy title. I just want to be part of a community I can assist in. Whether it’s helping with technology or contract analysis or a combination or something else. I want to be a contributing member of a company. I want to be the coworker who people say, ‘I couldn’t have done it without her.’”

If you know someone who could might be interested in upskilling, or a career change, through short term certificates or programs like Taking Hoosiers to the Next Level, encourage them to join us for a upcoming Express Enrollment Day and find out what we have to offer! 

Northeast Indiana FAME and Ivy Tech Fort Wayne sign first cohort of students for fall 2021

The Northeast Indiana Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (NEINFAME) and Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne held a signing day for students accepted into the first cohort of NEINFAME recruits on April 30. Thirteen students, along with company representatives and mentors, signed contracts in Ivy Tech Fort Wayne’s newly renovated Flex Lab within The Steel Dynamics, Inc. Keith E. Busse Technology Center.

“The employer members are excited to welcome all of the students both into the program and into their facilities,” said Jeff Hansen, Northeast Indiana FAME Chair. “The education that will be provided by Ivy Tech together with the on-the-job experience provided by the employer will provide each student with a great foundation for future success in manufacturing.”

Program recruits will pursue a two-year associate degree in Advanced Manufacturing at Ivy Tech while working for a NEINFAME sponsor company.  Sponsor companies will provide students with a paid work experience allowing them the opportunity to earn enough income to pay for the costs of the program, graduate debt-free, and begin a challenging career in just two years.

The 2021 NEINFAME recruits are:

  • Braden Bryant, Leo High School (LH Industries)
  • Aiden Hoffman, Whitko High School (SDI)
  • Morgan Miller, Whitko High School (FW Metals)
  • Landin Markins, Columbia City High School (FW Metals)
  • Sam Heller, South Side High School (AMT)
  • Quentin Aldridge, Tippecanoe Valley High School (Zimmer Biomet)
  • Nadia Handy, Warsaw High School (Zimmer Biomet)
  • Arthur Wischman, Wabash High School (Zimmer Biomet)
  • Mason Knuth, Columbia City High School (Micropulse)
  • Nicolas Suddarth, Homestead High School (Micropulse)
  • Curtis Martin, DeKalb High School (SDI)
  • Jayce Meyer, Angola High School (SDI)
  • Slate Edwards, Woodlan High School (SDI)

“These students are making a big commitment to their future by choosing to get industry training while earning college credentials and getting paid to do it,” said Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw Chancellor Jerrilee Mosier. “That commitment should be celebrated by all of the beneficiaries including the students, their families, future employers, and the region where they’ll put their skills to work”

The newly renovated Flex Lab space at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne is a multi-million-dollar facility that will be used to train students and apprentices in advanced manufacturing technologies including robotics, automation, electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, safety, and more. The renovation itself cost approximately $600k and will house state-of-the-art equipment including mechatronic fully automated systems, FANUC robots, Allen Bradley programmable logic controllers, variable frequency drives, IO- Link, and Cognex machine vision. It was funded, in part, by NEINFAME sponsor companies.

NEINFAME sponsor companies include Fort Wayne Metals, LH Industries, Micropulse, Steel Dynamics Inc., Advanced Machine and Tool (AMT), and Zimmer Biomet.  NEINFAME is part of the national FAME-USA network (fame-usa.com), which currently has 31 partnerships across 13 states, supported by more than 400 employers. NEINFAME is also part of the statewide Indiana FAME initiative, which has built similar partnerships in four regions around Indiana (www.indianafame.com).

Applications for the fall 2022 cohort will open July 2021. Learn more about NEINFAME at www.northeastindianafame.com. Contact Kim Waugh at kwaugh7@ivytech.edu for more information.

Ivy Tech Warsaw and Lake City Bank partnership continues to put technology in Warsaw students’ hands

Allyn Decker, Vice Chancellor of Ivy Tech Warsaw, and Kathy Perry, Ivy Tech OIT Support

Lake City Bank and Ivy Tech Community College Warsaw are once again partnering to bring necessary technology to Ivy Tech students. In April, Lake City Bank donated 18 surface tablets, including docking stations, network adaptors, and cases. These tablets will be part of Ivy Tech Warsaw’s Loan-to-Own program.

In the Loan-to-Own program, current students are able to check out a laptop or tablet for a two-week time period. They can extend the loan to an entire semester if the equipment is maintained properly through bi-monthly security and maintenance checks. If the student is in good academic standing by the end of the term and has enrolled for the next term’s classes, ownership can be permanently transferred to the student in need.

“With the increased need for distance learning, we are happy to support the Loan-to-Own program offered by Ivy Tech to their students,” said Angie Ritchey, Chief Technology Officer of Lake City Bank. “This allows us to donate equipment that we would typically recycle and allow for further use by Ivy Tech Students. This continues to be a great partnership between Lake City Bank and Ivy Tech.”

The program originated in Fall 2019, when Lake City Bank donated 20 Dell laptop computers. These laptops from the first round of donations have all been loaned to Ivy Tech Warsaw students, and 10 students successfully completed requirements to permanently own their laptops. One student from the original cohort who earned ownership of their laptop decided to donate it back to the program to further help in-need students.

“We’re excited to see the Laptop Loan-to-Own program grow with the help of Lake City Bank,” said Allyn Decker, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor of Ivy Tech Warsaw. “I cannot stress enough how important technology has been for our students as the College continues to expand access to education through virtual learning. We will continue to grow and strengthen community partnerships for the benefit of our students and the Kosciusko County workforce.”

Steel Dynamics, Inc. wins ATEA award through Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw partnership

Kaylene Smith, Ivy Tech Fort Wayne Director of Apprenticeship and Work Based Learning; Jeff Hansen, Vice President of Human Resources, Safety & Sustainability at SDI; Bob Parker, Ivy Tech Fort Wayne Department Chair of Industrial Technology & Automation and Robotics; Darrel Kesler, Dean of the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science; and Staci Beiswanger, Employee Development Manager at SDI.

During their annual conference on April 27, the American Technical Education Association, in conjunction with the National Technical Honor Society, awarded Steel Dynamics, Inc. (SDI) their highest partnership award: The Silver Star of Excellence Award. Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and Warsaw nominated SDI for the award because of their long-term partnership.

“We are honored and humbled to receive this award,” said Jeff Hansen, Vice President of Safety, Human Resources & Sustainability at Steel Dynamics, Inc. “Our organization is committed to providing opportunities to enhance the capabilities of our team members. We are fortunate to have developed a terrific partnership with Ivy Tech that allows for many in our company as well as our community to thrive and grow.”

SDI works closely with Ivy Tech Fort Wayne’s School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science, including donating funding for the construction of The Keith E. Busse Steel Dynamics, Inc. Technology Center. They have also provided funds to equip the Industrial Technology Educational Laboratories.

More recently SDI established an apprenticeship program and sponsored the training of incumbent workers in manufacturing.  They’ve enrolled multiple cohorts of students in the program, with the first cohort graduating in May 2020. Over a two-year period, incumbent workers become students and apprentices, and SDI technical experts serve as mentors. The students are enrolled in specialized coursework at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne. The program is a true collaboration with each party providing academic advising and academic support outside the classroom. 

“Continuous learning is a must,” said Darrel Kesler, Dean of the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science. “It becomes more and more challenging for companies to remain competitive today. It’s companies like Steel Dynamics, Inc. that step-up and establish world-class partnerships with educational partners like Ivy Tech Fort Wayne’s School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science that’s leading the way to the future in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw hosting Express Enrollment events for summer and fall registration

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and Warsaw will host Express Enrollment Days every Wednesday from April 21 to May 12 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and an Express Enrollment Week from May 17 to 20 (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). During these events, prospective students can complete their enrollment steps virtually or in-person and sign up for classes that start June 7 or Aug. 18.

During the appointment, participants will receive assistance with setting up their student account, assessment, New Student Orientation, completing the FAFSA, and scheduling a meeting with an advisor.

Ivy Tech offers a wide range of programs including healthcare, IT, manufacturing, and more. There are also short-term certificate options and many qualify for full funding through the Workforce Ready Grant, thanks to the Next Level Jobs program.

For more information or to RSVP, visit link.ivytech.edu/EEDays

Express Enrollment Days
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
April 21, 28, May 5, 12

Express Enrollment Week
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
May 17 to 20

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne’s North Campus
Student Life Center
3701 Dean Drive
Fort Wayne, IN 46835

Ivy Tech Warsaw
2545 Silveus Crossing
Warsaw, IN 46582


Virtual Zoom meeting. RSVP at link.ivytech.edu/EEDays

LKQ Corporation donates $17k in sheet metal to Ivy Tech Fort Wayne

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne’s Automotive Technology Program recently received automotive sheet metal panels valued at approximately $17,000 from LKQ Corporation. LKQ is the leading provider of alternative and specialty parts to repair and accessorize automobiles and other vehicles. The donation will primarily be used by students pursuing collision repair and auto body technology certifications.

“We chose Ivy Tech partially because we were contacted about it in the past, but also because they have a local auto body program that will hopefully graduate individuals who are engaged and want to participate in our industry,” said Zach Richter, LKQ General Manager. “I personally have attended Ivy Tech and know they are a well-established part of our community.”

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne will use the donation to give students in auto body and collision repair classes more hands-on experience with real world learning opportunities. In the program, students learn to repair and refinish cars, trucks, vans, and even golf carts. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, automotive body workers can expect to earn a mean hourly wage of $21.24/hr.

“We’re grateful for LKQ’s donation of sheet metal, which will be extremely useful for our students,” said Dave Buell, Ivy Tech Fort Wayne automotive instructor. “They will learn to prep parts for vehicles, fix dents, prep to prime, prep to paint, and more. These skills will prepare them to enter the workforce directly after graduation.”

Interested in Ivy Tech’s automotive classes? Visit IvyTech.edu/automotive-technology/ or contact Dave Buell at 260-243-3125 or Bob Huffman at 260-480-4293 or rhuffman10@ivytech.edu

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne & Warsaw Chancellor Jerrilee K. Mosier Announces Retirement

After 11 years of dedicated leadership, Dr. Jerrilee K. Mosier will retire from her position as Chancellor of the Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and Warsaw locations. During her tenure, the college has increased the footprint of the service area, which has seen record certifications and credentials awarded and added new degree programs to serve the northeast Indiana workforce. She will retire on Sept. 10. The College will conduct a nationwide search for the next chancellor and details will be made public in the near future. 

“The equitable pursuit of higher education has been my life’s work and the communities of northeast Indiana have made it a joy to serve in this role,” said Dr. Mosier. “Community leaders, legislators, and our Ivy Tech faculty and staff have shown time and again that we can move mountains and make access to high-quality education a reality for everyone. It has been my honor to have worked alongside them in this most noble of endeavors. They have served as my daily inspiration, and I could not be more pleased with the accomplishments we have built together.”

Dr. Mosier joined Ivy Tech Fort Wayne in 2010 as Chancellor. Prior to joining Ivy Tech, she served in academic leadership roles at community colleges in Washington, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

Under her leadership at Ivy Tech, Dr. Mosier was instrumental in making high-quality education accessible beyond the Fort Wayne city limits including bringing on the Warsaw site and shoring up community learning locations in Adams, DeKalb, Huntington, LaGrange, Noble, Steuben, Wabash, Wells, and Whitley counties through the support and partnership of area economic development officers, school district leaders, and community members. She ushered in successful partnerships with community organizations and area employers such as the Northeast Indiana Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education, Greater Fort Wayne Inc., Parkview Health, Junior Achievement, Region 8 Education Consortium, and the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership through the Olin and Desta Schwab Foundation.

During her time, the service area also added academic programs in high-demand fields such as surgical technology, aviation, biology, diesel technology, patient care technician, agriculture, psychology, electrical engineering, engineering technology, HVAC, health information technology, information systems security, and pre-engineering.

Mosier has also ensured students and the college have access to critical funding including record-breaking fundraising through the Ivy Tech Foundation with a mixture of individual donor relations, foundation grants, corporate gifts, fundraising events, and prestigious grants through the National Science Foundation and the Department of Labor partnerships. Furthermore, she laid the foundation for a successful launch of intercollegiate sports through the NJCAA including men’s baseball in 2017 and women’s volleyball in 2020. Both Titans athletics programs have been funded by donor support and boast high retention and success rates for their student athletes.

“Chancellor Jerrilee Mosier has set the standard for the college for ‘putting more community in community college.’ For 11 years, Dr. Mosier has led the Fort Wayne Ivy Tech campus with students at the center while serving the needs of employers, K-12 partners, and northeast Indiana,” said Sue Ellspermann, Ivy Tech Community College president. “While she will be missed, she has told me often, and I agree, that she leaves behind an exceptional team which will continue the culture of service excellence.”

Since arriving in northeast Indiana, Mosier’s goal has been for Ivy Tech Fort Wayne to be the educational partner of choice for non-profits, school corporations, and business/industry. She has fostered a campus culture that embraces new initiatives and programs that best serve the citizens of northeast Indiana. 

Mosier served as Chair of the Indiana Campus Compact from 2012 to 2014 and on the board of the National Council on Continuing Education and Training (NCCET) from 2012 to 2013. She currently serves on Mayor Tom Henry’s Kitchen Cabinet for the Greater Fort Wayne Metropolitan Area and the board of the Regional Chamber of Northeast Indiana. She has been honored for her service with the 2012 Outstanding College Administrator Award for the Indiana Region of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, the 2012 Ian and Mimi Rolland Service Award, and most recently, a 2021 Woman of Grace.

About Jerrilee K. Mosier, Ed. D.
Mosier’s career has been centered in community colleges for 30 years. Her career spans five community colleges in three states and has been in positions including faculty member, chief academic and workforce administrator, and her current role as Chancellor. She is an alumna of the American Council of Education Fellows Program. Mosier earned a Doctorate in Higher Education Administration from Oklahoma State University, a Master of Arts in Learning Disabilities from the University of Tulsa, and a Bachelor of Science in Special Education from Oklahoma State University.

Good News for Moms Club

by Dawn Burns, Academic Advisor, Warsaw

“It’s good news Friday! What’s your good news?”

On Fridays, Ivy Tech Fort Wayne & Warsaw Moms Club members share their good news with each other via social media: success in classes, children’s accomplishments, the relatable “Everyone stopped puking…for now,” and simple pleasures like a Dunkin’ iced coffee.

With a mission to help and encourage Ivy Tech Fort Wayne & Warsaw mothers in the important work they do for their children, families, and the community while pursuing a higher education degree, Moms Club has benefitted from virtual communication over the past year.

Co-advisors Dawn Burns (academic advisor, Warsaw) and Tara Kuhmichel (CCEC career coach, Fort Wayne) agree that the club has benefitted from Zoom and Facebook connections.

“Ivy Tech student moms are always busy,” says Burns. “By meeting virtually, moms don’t have to leave the house, and when kids make an appearance, that’s just part of life.”

Kuhmichel agrees that going virtual has helped members make connections. Kuhmichel, who has more than 15 years of early childhood experience works with families, moms, and children in her community, and sees her role in Moms Club as helping moms “dig deeper into their thoughts and feelings and to better understand children’s needs and to put it all into action.”

For Warsaw psychology student and club member Ruby Irwin, “Moms Club has been my outlet. It is nice to know other moms face the same things.” From real issues to funny moments, Irwin says she benefits from Moms Club.

Vice President Michelle Butts, a Warsaw phlebotomy and human services student, describes Moms Club as “a sounding board in the chaos that is motherhood and getting a higher education.” Butts says, “having others like you cheering you on makes the last minute 11:30 p.m. tests and papers worth it.”

Warsaw’s Vice Chancellor Allyn Decker finds Moms Club’s growth during the pandemic “gratifying.” “We know student moms are extremely busy and face a number of obstacles to persisting in school,” says Decker, “so the additional resources provided through Mom’s Club get put to good use.”

Mom’s Club also offers opportunities for face-to-face connections, as College policies and CDC guidelines allow. They are hopeful for a Moms Night Out in May where they can share a meal, connect, and show each other support.

 “Moms Club,” says former president and Warsaw student Brittany Oldfather, “is that support that reminds me I’m not alone.”

Ivy Tech moms looking for a supportive community that will celebrate good news even in the hardest weeks can join Moms Club at ivylife.ivytech.edu/organization/warsaw-moms-club on Ivy Life.