Ivy Tech Warsaw and Lake City Bank strengthen partnership through laptop lending program

Christine Force, Ivy Tech Internship Coordinator; Kathy Perry, Ivy Tech IT Support; Chris Merrill, Lake City Bank Vice President & Technology Services Manager; Allyn Decker, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor, Ivy Tech Warsaw

Starting spring 2020, Ivy Tech Warsaw will launch its new Laptop Loan-to-Own program thanks to a new partnership venture with Lake City Bank. Lake City Bank has donated 10 Dell laptop computers that had recently come out of service. These machines will be cleaned, reimaged and loaded with the standard software students use for their Ivy Tech school work.

“A growing number of students are coming to us without a laptop computer and as more and more coursework utilizes e-learning tools, we don’t want this to pose a barrier to student success,” says Allyn Decker, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor at Ivy Tech Warsaw. “We are so grateful for Lake City Bank’s willingness to meet this need.”

Current students will be able to check out a laptop for a two-week time period. They can extend the loan to an entire semester if the laptop is maintained properly through bi-monthly security and maintenance checks. If the student is in good academic standing by the end of the term and has enrolled for the next term’s classes, the laptop’s ownership can be permanently transferred to the student in need. Lake City Bank has committed to supplying additional machines as needed.

“We are pleased to partner with Ivy Tech Warsaw in helping to meet the computing needs of students,” says Chris Merrill, Lake City Bank’s Vice President and Technology Services Manager. “It’s a win-win in that we don’t have to discard perfectly good equipment and Ivy Tech students don’t have to buy a laptop if funds are limited.”

Ivy Tech’s Circle of Ivy, a women’s philanthropy group, has also contributed a $3,000 donation to this program. This money will be used to purchase additional power cords, software, laptop sleeves and a storage cart.

In addition to the laptop program, Lake City Bank will be pursuing more computing and banking internships through Ivy Tech Warsaw. Lake City Bank routinely hires college interns and can provide great employment and educational opportunities to those willing to learn and work in a highly regulated corporate environment.

“As a regional bank, Lake City is a perfect choice for a wide variety of students in northeast Indiana,” says Christine Force, Ivy Tech’s Internship Coordinator. “We look forward to placing several students in internship and entry level positions in the near future.”

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