A stop at D.C.’s African American museum

Students have returned from their social justice trip to Washington D.C., but we have more stories to share! Catch up with other participants’ stories about Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Holocaust Museum, the Lincoln Memorial, and the U.S. Supreme Court and Ford’s Theatre.

First up, Nathaly Diaz, a pre-engineering student …

I decided to go on this trip to D.C. because my advisor said it would be an awesome opportunity and a way to gain leadership skills. I was really excited to learn more about social justice and be able to apply it in my life and find ways I can help.

That’s me flashing the peace sign.

We went to places like the National Museum of African American History & Culture and looked at monuments around the National Mall. The African American museum had so much history in it, like the struggles of slavery and civil rights. It was very emotional and inspirational. We were also able to see African American culture–life, music, art, etc.

This quote at the museum, in particular, moved me.

… and Lorena Ceballos Chavez, a business administration student.

I signed up to come to D.C. with Ivy Tech Northeast because I’ve always wanted to know more about American history. Every monument and museum in D.C. has a particular meaning and an amazing story. As a business student, I need to have a general cultural knowledge about so much, especially U.S. culture.

Click on the images for caption info and to zoom.

I was amazed to see how the bad actions against race repeat themselves throughout the history of many countries. This photo (above right) from the Holocaust Museum depicts concentration camp life and reminds me of what German Nazis did to the Jews.

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