In her own words: Ursula Sanchez, Class of ’22

By guest blogger Ursula Sanchez (Respiratory Therapy, ’22)

Growing up as a Latina, I’ve always been proud of who I am and where I came from. I
was born and raised in Fort Wayne, IN by both my parents that are from Parras de la Fuente,
Coahuila (Mexico). Being able to attend college and continue my education is such a blessing to
me because my parents didn’t have that opportunity. Knowing that I’m a first generation,
bilingual student makes me work even harder towards my goals. I want to have the education my
parents couldn’t have and make them proud of raising a smart, educated, and independent Latina
women. When I feel like giving up, I remember who I do it for and that is for my family and my
Latino community. My roots are the most important to me because in me I see the past
generation, the present, and the ones that will continue after me. For them, I want to set an
example and tell them: “si se puede”.

After graduating from South Side High, I made the decision to attend Ivy Tech and I have
not regretted it since! I completed my associates in medical assisting and technical certificate in
phlebotomy. I then decided to take a year off to really focus on working in my career and have
the time to think of what I wanted to do next with my education. After taking a year off, I
returned to Ivy Tech. I applied to the respiratory care program and out of the 28 students that
were accepted, I was one of them! Taking a year off and working in my career really helped me
explore the many areas in the medical field; that eventually led me to the decision to apply to the
respiratory care program. Respiratory therapy is a science that requires knowledge, skills, and
understanding. Thanks to Ivy Tech, I have developed the depth of knowledge and skills with
their outstanding respiratory care program.

Out of several universities/colleges that I explored, I choose to come to Ivy Tech because
it was the most affordable college that offered a variety of quality programs. I also knew about
the flexibility at Ivy Tech, which was important to me because my class schedule was able to be
flexible around my work schedule. The resources at Ivy Tech were easily available to help set
and meet my goals. Knowing about the vast diversity that attended Ivy Tech made me feel
welcomed as a new and returning student.

My plans for the future are very exciting as I prepare for them. First and foremost, I want
to pass my board exam to become a registered respiratory therapist. Next, I want to continue my
studies and get my bachelors degree. I want to achieve this by completing online classes so I’m
able to work in my dream career at the same time. My future career goal is to specialize in
neonatal/pediatric and adult critical care. At an early age, I have always had a loving and caring
connection with kids. For that, I want to pursue this goal. In general, I cherish having the
sensational feeling of helping others and making them feel better. That is why I choose to be in
the medical field. I want to dedicate to my studies and do whatever it takes to achieve all my

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