Ivy Tech Fort Wayne’s Early College partner spotlights

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne is joining schools across Indiana to celebrate Early College Week April 25 to 29. The College serves roughly 700 Early College students through partnerships with Bellmont High School, Wabash High School, Wayne High School, Garrett High School, and Heartland Career Center. We’re taking a moment today to highlight our outstanding Early College Partners.

Bellmont High School

Bellmont Early College offers the Indiana College Core to students that include dual credits in English, math, chemistry, US history, political science, speech, and psychology. Bellmont High School also offers dual credit courses within other subjects such as criminal justice, welding, building construction, marketing, business, and design. Ivy Tech is proud to provide support and advising to the Bellmont Braves!

Garrett High School

Garrett High School established an Early College partnership with Ivy Tech Fort Wayne in 2019. They are currently an emerging Early College with CELL. Garrett offers the Technical Certificate in Business Administration. The Business Administration program consists of courses such as business, economics, accounting, marketing, and computer applications. Garrett High School students can also earn dual credit in English, education, visual communication, agriculture, design technology, and building trades. Next year, Garrett will implement entrepreneurship dual credit as an option to students. 

Heartland Career Center

Heartland Career Center partners with Ivy Tech Fort Wayne as an Early College Partner for its Pre-Nursing program. Students are able to earn a certificate in pre-nursing as well as their CNA certification. Heartland Career Center also offers dual credit programming in auto body repair, auto technology, building construction, machining, visual communication, and welding. The Heartland Career Center program strives to provide training and hands-on work experience so students can be prepared for the workforce upon high school graduation.

Wabash High School

Wabash High School has been an Early College partner with Ivy Tech Fort Wayne since 2018. Students at Wabash High School can earn the Indiana College Core through their dual credit coursework. Wabash offers dual credit courses in English, math, biology chemistry, economics, US history, and political science. Wabash students can also take advantage of opportunities to take additional coursework online or at an Ivy Tech campus.

Wayne High School (Fort Wayne Community Schools)

Wayne High School began its first Early College cohort in 2014. They received endorsement from CELL in 2019. Wayne offers the Technical Certificate in Business Administration. Within their business program, students take dual credit courses such as marketing, business, computer applications, entrepreneurship, and accounting. Students can also earn a significant number of courses towards the Indiana College Core and Associate of General Studies. These courses include dual credits within English, chemistry, math, and psychology. Several Wayne Early College students have participated in summer programming to take additional coursework with Ivy Tech.

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