Ivy Tech Fort Wayne celebrates Early College Week April 25 to 29

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne is joining schools across Indiana to celebrate Early College Week April 25 to 29. The College serves roughly 700 Early College students through partnerships with Bellmont High School, Wabash High School, Wayne High School, Garrett High School, and Heartland Career Center. High Schools that follow the Early College 8 Core Principles can offer a full degree/ or certificate through dual credit opportunities.

The Early College Model for students offers guidance that takes students beyond high school on a pathway to skills, certifications, knowledge and experience.  The model provides more than a diploma for students when they graduate from high school—they leave with a vision for success as an adult.

“Students that participate in an Early College program share they feel more prepared and confident both in college and in the workforce after high school. We love the opportunity to provide our area students with the supports to be successful lifelong learners and leaders,” says Ashley Henderson, assistant director of early college programs at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne. “The Early College high school faculty and staff at our Early College partners go above and beyond their job descriptions to provide a successful program for their students. Their partnership and support to the program and their students is greatly appreciated. We cannot praise them enough!”

Early College programs provide rigorous instruction for underserved students, help students succeed in high school while simultaneously earning college credit, support students through challenging schoolwork, and provide opportunities for students to experience college culture. Early College students and their families save thousands of dollars each year on college tuition, resulting in less college debt.

Ivy Tech partners with the Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) to train, support, and endorse high schools in the Early College Model. At this time, CELL has designated 42 Indiana high schools as endorsed Early College High Schools and has trained over 140 high schools and career centers on how to implement the model. For more information on Early College, visit CELL’s website at https://cell.uindy.edu.

To learn more about Ivy Tech Fort Wayne’s Early College Program or how to become an Early College partner, contact Ashley Henderson at 260-482-9171 x2418 or ahenderson150@ivytech.edu

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