Ivy Tech Fort Wayne Mechanical Engineering Technology program receives ABET accreditation

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne’s Mechanical Engineering Technology program recently received ABET accreditation, which was retroactively applied to any Ivy Tech Fort Wayne graduate of the program since May 2019. ABET is the highest accreditation body for engineering and other select programs. Ivy Tech received a full accreditation for the maximum grantable period, until September 30, 2026. 

“Our programs are standing out among Ivy Tech’s engineering programs and community colleges across the country,” said Darrel J. Kesler, Dean of the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science. “Regional four-year schools have taken notice and openly welcome our students to matriculate with their institutions. It is also common for our engineering students to hire directly into the workforce with a high salary after graduation.”

Ivy Tech Community College’s Transfer as a Junior agreements allow students to complete the first two years of their engineering degree at Ivy Tech and their final two years at a state four-year school, seamlessly. Ivy Tech Fort Wayne has multiple articulation agreements with Purdue Fort Wayne and students have transferred and achieved success at Purdue and beyond.

“It is estimated that for every engineer employed in the industry ten to twelve engineering technicians are needed,” said Kesler. “With northeast Indiana’s large number of manufacturing industries, a considerable number of engineering technicians are needed. There’s more demand than supply, and the salaries offered are incredible.”

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne also has ABET accreditation for its Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering Technology programs. ABET accreditation is the pinnacle of achievements for engineering and engineering technology programs.

More information on Ivy Tech Fort Wayne’s engineering programs found by contacting Cait Cramer (ccramer15@ivytech.edu) or Andy Bell (abell118@ivytech.edu).    

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