Ivy Tech Warsaw and Lake City Bank partnership continues to put technology in Warsaw students’ hands

Allyn Decker, Vice Chancellor of Ivy Tech Warsaw, and Kathy Perry, Ivy Tech OIT Support

Lake City Bank and Ivy Tech Community College Warsaw are once again partnering to bring necessary technology to Ivy Tech students. In April, Lake City Bank donated 18 surface tablets, including docking stations, network adaptors, and cases. These tablets will be part of Ivy Tech Warsaw’s Loan-to-Own program.

In the Loan-to-Own program, current students are able to check out a laptop or tablet for a two-week time period. They can extend the loan to an entire semester if the equipment is maintained properly through bi-monthly security and maintenance checks. If the student is in good academic standing by the end of the term and has enrolled for the next term’s classes, ownership can be permanently transferred to the student in need.

“With the increased need for distance learning, we are happy to support the Loan-to-Own program offered by Ivy Tech to their students,” said Angie Ritchey, Chief Technology Officer of Lake City Bank. “This allows us to donate equipment that we would typically recycle and allow for further use by Ivy Tech Students. This continues to be a great partnership between Lake City Bank and Ivy Tech.”

The program originated in Fall 2019, when Lake City Bank donated 20 Dell laptop computers. These laptops from the first round of donations have all been loaned to Ivy Tech Warsaw students, and 10 students successfully completed requirements to permanently own their laptops. One student from the original cohort who earned ownership of their laptop decided to donate it back to the program to further help in-need students.

“We’re excited to see the Laptop Loan-to-Own program grow with the help of Lake City Bank,” said Allyn Decker, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor of Ivy Tech Warsaw. “I cannot stress enough how important technology has been for our students as the College continues to expand access to education through virtual learning. We will continue to grow and strengthen community partnerships for the benefit of our students and the Kosciusko County workforce.”

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