Good News for Moms Club

by Dawn Burns, Academic Advisor, Warsaw

“It’s good news Friday! What’s your good news?”

On Fridays, Ivy Tech Fort Wayne & Warsaw Moms Club members share their good news with each other via social media: success in classes, children’s accomplishments, the relatable “Everyone stopped puking…for now,” and simple pleasures like a Dunkin’ iced coffee.

With a mission to help and encourage Ivy Tech Fort Wayne & Warsaw mothers in the important work they do for their children, families, and the community while pursuing a higher education degree, Moms Club has benefitted from virtual communication over the past year.

Co-advisors Dawn Burns (academic advisor, Warsaw) and Tara Kuhmichel (CCEC career coach, Fort Wayne) agree that the club has benefitted from Zoom and Facebook connections.

“Ivy Tech student moms are always busy,” says Burns. “By meeting virtually, moms don’t have to leave the house, and when kids make an appearance, that’s just part of life.”

Kuhmichel agrees that going virtual has helped members make connections. Kuhmichel, who has more than 15 years of early childhood experience works with families, moms, and children in her community, and sees her role in Moms Club as helping moms “dig deeper into their thoughts and feelings and to better understand children’s needs and to put it all into action.”

For Warsaw psychology student and club member Ruby Irwin, “Moms Club has been my outlet. It is nice to know other moms face the same things.” From real issues to funny moments, Irwin says she benefits from Moms Club.

Vice President Michelle Butts, a Warsaw phlebotomy and human services student, describes Moms Club as “a sounding board in the chaos that is motherhood and getting a higher education.” Butts says, “having others like you cheering you on makes the last minute 11:30 p.m. tests and papers worth it.”

Warsaw’s Vice Chancellor Allyn Decker finds Moms Club’s growth during the pandemic “gratifying.” “We know student moms are extremely busy and face a number of obstacles to persisting in school,” says Decker, “so the additional resources provided through Mom’s Club get put to good use.”

Mom’s Club also offers opportunities for face-to-face connections, as College policies and CDC guidelines allow. They are hopeful for a Moms Night Out in May where they can share a meal, connect, and show each other support.

 “Moms Club,” says former president and Warsaw student Brittany Oldfather, “is that support that reminds me I’m not alone.”

Ivy Tech moms looking for a supportive community that will celebrate good news even in the hardest weeks can join Moms Club here on Ivy Life.

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