Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw Women’s Giving Circle Donates $10,789 for three major projects

The Fort Wayne and Warsaw Circle of Ivy groups have announced the projects they have chosen to fund for the 2020-2021 academic year. The Fort Wayne Circle awarded $6,439 to the Helping Hands Fund to help meet the emergency needs of students during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Warsaw Circle awarded $1,425 to the Emergency Textbook Fund and $2,925 to the Laptop Loan 2 Own Program to help increase access to class supplies that Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw students need to succeed.

“Our Laptop Loan 2 Own program has met a critical need for students in the past year, especially with exclusively online classes due to COVID. Students are able to get a refurbished laptop, and if they complete their courses successfully, own it at the end of the school year. This is a critical component for student success,” says Vicky Decker, Warsaw Circle of Ivy Co-Chair and Guiding Circle member. “Our Circle of Ivy chapter has provided funds for the maintenance and care of the laptops so they can serve students for years to come. Our Emergency Textbook Funds project goes hand-in-hand with the laptops, again ensuring that students can stay in school, having the resources they need to succeed and removing barriers to degree completion. It is very gratifying to know that Circle of Ivy funds and projects can nurture a person’s career path which can change their life!”

Helping Hands Emergency Funds – $6,439

Fort Wayne’s Helping Hands Fund assists students at Ivy Tech Community College through short-term financial emergencies so that they can be in class, be prepared, and persist in their academic course work. As students deal with the realities of COVID-19 in their everyday lives, many could benefit from assistance from the Helping Hands Fund to help cover expenses like tuition, books, bills, child care, and healthcare.

Emergency Textbook Funds – $1,425

The Warsaw campus runs an extremely in-demand program that assists with retention and allows our students to succeed in the classroom. The Emergency Textbook Fund assists students in securing textbooks for class when a financial barrier exists.

Laptop Loaner Computers and Supplies – $2,925

The Warsaw campus assists students with technology needs through the Laptop Loan 2 Own program. This year, the Circle of Ivy asked for funding to help purchase supplies like power cords, flash drives, and carrying cases for students in this program.

Circle of Ivy is open to all women who wish to become members of a powerful network of philanthropists who collectively give back to local Ivy Tech campuses and students. Members have the opportunity to participate in a dynamic and rewarding organization where they can collaborate with other women within their local circle, making a greater impact with pooled financial resources. There are currently 30 members in Ivy Tech Fort Wayne’s Circle of Ivy and 17 members in the Warsaw group. To learn more about Circle of Ivy visit ivytech.edu/circleofivy.

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