Ivy Tech serves international student impacted by pandemic through online education

Nicholas Amadeus always knew he wanted to attend college in the U.S., but the global pandemic put his carefully-researched plans in jeopardy. Working from his home in Jakarta, Indonesia, Nicholas turned to his family and the Ivy Tech Fort Wayne team for help. Now, he’s starting his second semester and his college plans are back on track.

Nicholas originally planned to attend Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. He was accepted and ready to go for Fall 2020.  But when the Indonesian embassy closed and the pandemic travel ban was imposed, he had to pivot. His aunt, a Purdue grad and Michigan state resident, suggested Ivy Tech Community College.

He signed up as a guest student at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne, which allowed him to take classes that would transfer back to I.U. Like any new college student, he was nervous, but approached his first semester with a spirit of eager exploration. “I wasn’t a huge fan of an online format when I started, but what I realized is that it fit me perfectly. I used the services that I need, like the tutors in Center for Academic Excellence (CAE), to accomplish my assignments,” said Nicholas, “They are exceptional. I got used to [online classes] because of the help from CAE and making full use of the resources Ivy Tech has available for online learning.” Nicholas highlighted that Ivy Tech’s online model was a convenient way of doing his coursework anytime, anywhere.

“Nicholas is a great example of what students can accomplish when they work hard and take advantage of their resources.  Now more than ever, it’s important to stay connected,” said Tim Tappan, Director of Academic Resources and the Center for Academic Excellence.Here in Fort Wayne, we are so fortunate to have amazing tutors who work with students from anywhere to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.  That’s one of the best things about Ivy Tech is seeing students like Nicholas be successful.” With the help of great faculty like Jo Johnson, Department Chair of the English department, the support of Ivy Tech’s CAE, and the encouragement of his friends and family, Nicholas’ commitment to his education is on track.  His plans for the future include attending Yale’s College of Liberal Arts to study electronic currency in their Financial Technology program.

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