College partners with Manchester University to reserve space in its pharmacy doctoral program for Ivy Tech Honors College graduates

Ivy Tech Community College and Manchester University are partnering to create opportunities for Ivy Tech Honors College students. Manchester is now reserving two seats annually in its Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) or its dual degree program that grants a Pharm.D. and a Master of Science in Pharmacogenomics in the same four-year period for qualified Ivy Tech Honors College graduates.  A Fort Wayne honors program student is the first Ivy Tech student to pursue the new pathway.  

“This is a game changer for students interested in pursuing a career in pharmacy,” says Dr. M. Beth Borst, dean of the Ivy Tech Honors College. “By starting in Ivy Tech’s Honors program, qualified graduates can transfer seamlessly into Manchester University’s Pharm-D program, which is recognized nationally. There is no stopping at go—from an affordable two-year college with a personalized academic experience in the honors program, to a Pharm D. program at a great in-state university. This is so exciting, and I can’t wait to see students pursue this option.”

To qualify, honors students must complete 60 hours of required courses at Ivy Tech and complete the application process for admissions to the Manchester pharmacy program according to the established guidelines. Career options for students who complete this program include management at pharmacies, clinical specialists, research and inpatient and outpatient care within health systems.

“We are pleased to join Ivy Tech in this partnership,” says Dr. W. Thomas Smith, dean of Pharmacy Programs at Manchester. “This allows Manchester University to offer qualified students a clear pathway to a career in the field of pharmacy and/or pharmacogenomics.”

Manchester’s innovative dual degree program combines an emphasis on patient-centered care with the Pharm.D. degree and a master’s degree in pharmacogenomics.  Pharmacogenomics is cutting-edge science that uses an individual’s genetic markers to customize and maximize their medication therapy. Through the articulation agreement and this dual program, Ivy Tech Honors College graduates could earn a master’s degree and Pharm. D in approximately four years.  

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