Teachers learn to create inexpensive STEM experiments at ASM camp hosted by Ivy Tech Fort Wayne

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne hosted the ASM Materials Camp this summer, June 17–21. This free camp is designed to help middle and high school STEM teachers incorporate low-cost experiments into their existing curriculum.

“We want to try and excite STEM middle and high school teachers by presenting relatively inexpensive activities for them to perform in the classroom,” says Morton Schaffer, ASM volunteer instructor and Quality Engineer at Nucor.

During the camp’s five day span, attendees learned 100+ science experiments to take back to their classrooms.

“It’s a chance for us to learn demonstrations and experiments and learn how to explain them to our kids in a way that matches with real world situations,” says Molly Grossman, Prairie Heights Middle School teacher. “These camps are a great thing because most teachers don’t have a lot of money to go to a workshop like this, and they’re really awesome at preparing us and giving us ideas to take back to the classroom.”

The camp is so helpful for these teachers that many of them come back multiple years.

“I’ve been to two other camps, but they just give you so much information that you keep coming back to pick up the parts you missed last time,“ says Tricia Sederholm, Peru Junior High teacher.

These camps take place annually across the country throughout the summer months. If you want to learn more, check out the ASM website.

Special thanks to Morton Schaffer and the Nucor Corporation for lending their time and resources to the Fort Wayne camp.

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