Who’s that? Meet Ramona and Christine, Admissionistas

By Nathan Riley, marketing intern

There are two individuals in the Admissions office you may not know, but I bet many of you have met them. Ramona Hawkins and Christine Ellis are  on the front line for both the Admissions and Marketing and Communications offices. They are some of the most positive people I’ve met in my short time as an intern at Ivy Tech.

I had the pleasure of interviewing them was able to get to know them beyond the jokes exchanged across the office. I learned that a typical day has many parts, including answering phone calls from prospective students and helping students navigate the enrollment process. They also process both paper and web applications.

How did they come to work at Ivy Tech?


Ramona Hawkins, Admissions

Ramona has been at the Fort Wayne Campus since she decided to pursue an Ivy Tech business degree. After she graduated, she joined the Ivy Tech team first as the Chancellor’s administrative assistant. She eventually joined the Admissions team to be at the forefront with students who are beginning their Ivy Tech journeys.


Christine Ellis, Admissions

Christine is relatively new to the Ivy Tech scene. She has only been here since September 2017. Before Ivy Tech, she worked at International Business College for 10 years. She loves creating an experience that is friendly and welcoming to students coming in to the College.

What do they wish you knew about Ivy Tech?
Both Christine and Ramona agree that many students don’t really know about some of the valuable resources available here at Ivy Tech, such as the Center for Academic Excellence and TRIO Student Support Services.

How about some interesting tidbits?
When they aren’t at work, they’re busy ladies. Ramona loves to work in her yard and relax watching TV and movies on the weekends. Christine loves to read books, to watch comedy movies, and to take in stand-up comedy. Oh, and if you hear screaming from the Admissions Office, it probably means there is a bug, because both Ramona and Christine are terrified of insects!

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