Intern Nathan: Ivy Tech from an outsider’s perspective

nathan-rileyHello, my name is Nathan Riley, and I am the summer intern in Marketing and Communications at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne. I am a senior at Indiana Tech, and during my first week working for Ivy Tech, I have learned a lot about the College and its students.

The atmosphere here is similar to Indiana Tech’s, but the college seems to be more outgoing toward communicating with current and future students. At Indiana Tech, there’s a focus on athletics to recruit new students, but here the College talks to all kinds of prospective students via phone calls and in-person meetings.

At Ivy Tech, the College has a pretty cool thing other colleges should learn from to help move students along to the next step. On the website there’s a pop-up box if you stay on the page for too long without taking action, and it asks you if you need help and opens a live chat window with someone to talk to at the College. I know I would have been using that feature every time I needed something as an incoming college student. I had no idea what I was doing! It seems like such a useful tool.

Another thing I like about Ivy Tech so far is the fact that this college has so many different majors. I never knew there were so many degrees offered when I was looking to go to college. I quickly discovered there are more than 100 different degrees and certifications offered at Ivy Tech. That is not to take anything away from the many different degrees offered elsewhere, but there are degrees here I never knew were available here at Ivy Tech. I also was surprised by the great facilities for automotive technology on the Fort Wayne Campus. Had I known that when I started my search for colleges, I may have considered Ivy Tech a little closer. I made assumptions about the College based on the small Ivy Tech campus in my hometown of Madison.

There are benefits to either path — a traditional four-year one or starting at a community college. Ivy Tech definitely moves at a faster pace in terms of giving out as much information as possible to its students. Ivy Tech is different, and I see that as a good thing. Not all students are looking for the same higher education experience. Ivy Tech allows students to enter the workforce earlier or transfer to finish a bachelor’s degree.

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