Happy (almost) spring break!


Happy almost-spring break!

I asked students and employees to send over their spring break plans. Live vicariously through this group, then share your plans below. I’ll start: I’m … doing exactly what I do every other week. (Students and faculty, count yourselves lucky: We marketing employees will be here like any other week, albeit in a super low-key, quiet atmosphere.)

“I’m relaxing for spring break. I probably will clean and hang out with friends.” ~Shampree Hillard, therapeutic massage student (at right)

“For spring break this year, my son; my boyfriend, Gilbert; and I will be flying out to the Wild West, Arizona. We’ll fly into Phoenix where my cousin will pick us up and be our tour guide for the first three days. We’ll see the Grand Canyon, Prescott Valley, and Flagstaff. Then we will head down to the border to Yuma to visit with Gilbert’s sister for the next four days. We plan to head over to San Diego so we can dip our toes in the majestic Pacific Ocean (so excited!) and absorb some of the local culture. Back in 2002, I made a road trip with my grandma to Oregon and got within 100 miles of the Pacific without seeing it. I vowed that one day I would accomplish this goal and this year it will happen! I think this visit will include a day-trip to Coronado Island. I’ve been told there is an amazing hotel on the island that you just can’t miss. If time allows, we want to have lunch in Mexico. ¡Hola! Of course, the trip won’t be complete without a visit with my daughter, Sarah, in Sedona. She and her man are roughing it for a while in the Red Rock State Park. I promised her at least one night under the stars.” ~Joan Estrada, hospitality administration student

“I will be traveling to New York City with my family this spring break, and we’ll be visiting the big sites like the Brooklyn Bridge and Rockefeller Center. It will be my first time there, and I’m so pumped!” ~Christian Prater, liberal arts student (below left)

“I am going to the Florida Keys for spring break with Chris Barlow for her marine biology class trip. I am super excited for this trip mostly because it is what I want to do with the rest of my life in a professional sense. The thing I am most excited to do in the Keys is probably snorkeling. I love free-diving and can’t wait to spend hours in the water.” ~Haylee Glashauser, business administration student (above right) (Learn more about Barlow’s class and the spring break trip here.)

“I am using the time to study for the TEAS test (the admission test for practical and registered nursing)–from a.m. to p.m. everyday, just focusing on math and science because I took the pretest on ATI’s website (a nursing testing company), and that told me what I needed to focus on.” ~Cassie Cummings, healthcare specialist student

“I am going to Germany on an Education First student engineer trip with Indiana Tech. We will be traveling to Munich (visiting MAN Trucks, German museums, and the BMW car factory), the Dachau former concentration camp, Dresden (visiting Blue Wonder bridge and the Volkswagon transparent factory of e-cars), and Berlin (visiting the Design Thinking workshop, German Technology Museum, and Checkpoint Charlie). It will be a fun learning trip, and I am starting to get excited.” ~Vicki Welch, associate math professor (below left)

“I’m having dental work: two crowns!” ~Mary Musson, early childhood education assistant professor (above right)

“My wife, Kama, and I decided to sneak away before the spring break rush! We just returned from the Tampa area, and we enjoyed swimming, basking in the sun, playing bingo, cruising around in our bright yellow Mustang convertible, watching the sun set over the Tampa Bay, eating/drinking too much, and visiting with family and friends. We were happy to be kid-free, but we couldn’t wait to see our beautiful girls, Emersyn and Quinn, when we returned home.” ~Jacquelyn Clapper-Erpelding, academic advisor (below)

Clapper-Erpelding, at left


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