Happy Grandparents Day to all the nanis & papas out there

Sunday is National Grandparents Day, and we wanted to honor the grandparents at Ivy Tech.

The idea behind the day is to Do Something Grand. The website asks grandparents and older adults to share their wisdom, perspective, and key civic values; and it asks children and younger adults to connect with grandparents or older adults in the community.

We put a call out to our students who are grandparents, to give them a proverbial THANK YOU. Thank you for taking time for yourself to go back to school. Thank you for your wisdom. And thanks for being such an outstanding role model to your grandkids.

Here are some of the grandparents we heard from. If you’re a grandparent or older adult with some wisdom to share, or you want to leave a message to your grandparent, feel free to chime in in the comments.

Elizabeth Kidd, a healthcare specialist student, has three granddaughters (with one on the way!)

“They think it’s cool that I’m in school,” she says. “They are too young for college, but my oldest granddaughter is in advanced classes in high school, and she likes to help me with my school work.”

Kidd and her family

Tammy Maness is a cyber security/information assurance student with four grandchildren who love that she’s back to school.

Maness and her granddaughters

Julia Vasquez is an early childhood education student with four grandchildren.

“My two oldest grandchildren are happy for me and ask about my homework,” she says. “My two younger grandkids miss me playing with them and going to visit them every week.”

Vasquez’s grandkids

Todd Zorich, a therapeutic massage student, has three granddaughters and six grandsons.

Zorich with three of his grandsons

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