Did you stop by the inaugural Kelty’s Bakery?

Kelty’s Bakery kicks the semester off today with freshly made breads, pies, muffins, and more.

This is what you need to know so you stop by next week:

  • Everything looks amazing. A baguette and two slices of apple pie are coming home with me for dinner and after dinner.
  • The coffee is just $1–and it’s from Old Crown, so it’s good stuff.
  • Each week, students running the bakery–part of the Baking and Merchandising class–will make tweaks to the menu. For example, this week, they made just two loaf breads, but they sold out first thing. Next week: Lots more loaf bread.
  • The bakery even has gluten-free options: a small apple loaf and chocolate chess pie.
  • What makes it chess pie? It’s a simple southern thing. Says Southern Living: “Chess pie may be a chameleon confection, but at its heart are always the basic four ingredients—flour, butter, sugar, and eggs. And preparation is never much more than a little stirring and about half an hour in the oven.”

If that doesn’t entice you enough, take a gander at everything:

In addition to baguettes, Kelty’s Bakery also offers rolls and loaf bread.
Kelty’s Bakery offered two pies its first week: apple and chocolate chess.
Those cinnamon rolls, at the far left, had a maple glaze.
Blueberry muffins

Kelty’s Bakery will run from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Wednesdays through Oct. 11 in Anthony Commons on Coliseum Campus.

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