Day 2 in DC: Looking forward to Lincoln

Right now, 11 Ivy Tech Northeast students and recent graduates are traveling around Washington D.C. with three chaperones on a social justice trip. They are making stops at attractions like the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, and other spots related to social justice. During their trip, students are taking turns sharing their thoughts with Green Light. Follow along with the group’s experiences on social media with #ivyFW2DC.


Here I am (left) with Lisa Beringer, an assistant professor of Social Sciences at Ivy Tech Northeast.

I am Juanita New, and I am a business administration student. I signed up for the trip because I thought it would be a wonderful way to learn more about social justice. Also, I would get a chance to see the Lincoln Memorial.

The Lincoln Memorial represents social justice for all. Not only did Lincoln give the Emancipation Proclamation (which granted freedom to the slaves in the Confederate States if the States did not return to the Union by Jan. 1, 1863, according to the Civil War Trust), but Martin Luther King Jr. gave his “I Have a Dream” speech from the top of the stairs. There is a plaque placed in the spot where King stood during his speech.

This monument means so much to many people from all walks of life.

Check out the post from Day 1 here. We’ll pick up with the students’ thoughts on the trip and D.C. on Monday. Stay tuned!

The outside of the Lincoln Memorial


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