Happy spring break! What are your plans?

Even though spring doesn’t officially start until March 20, Ivy Tech Northeast gets a jump on the season next week. We asked students to share their Spring Break plans so those of us not going anywhere can live vicariously through them. (Which means we’re probably going to Texas … I had no idea the Lone Star State was the place to be for Spring Break!)

“I will be flying to Dallas. From there, I will go to a bachelor party for the first weekend. Then I will begin my road trip to South Padre Island, Texas, for the week, making a stop in Austin for some fun.” ~Jeffrey Powell, business administration student (at right)


“I will be heading to Texas to visit my sister at the Air Force base. Then I’ll head to Louisiana for a couple days, then to Nashville before returning home.” ~Kaitlyn Enfield, agriculture student


“For spring break, I’m planning on just staying at home while spending time with my mom, my boyfriend, his daughter, and my nephew.” ~Katlyn Green, business administration student (below)


“I plan to work during spring break. Go to a networking party! Explore my artistic abilities!” ~Aaron Michael Speith, hospitality administration student (at right)


“I will be going to Texas for spring break to take my 13-year-old son to see his older sister, whom he has not seen in eight years. I am very excited! I cannot wait for this so-much-needed reunion/vacation.” ~Tabatha Jackson, medical assisting student (below)


Allison Erbach, a human services student, is planning to go to the movies with friends over spring break.
“I will be staying here in Fort Wayne and helping out my grandparents since my grandma will be recovering from surgery. There is also a good chance that I will sleep a good bit!” ~Elizabeth Owen, healthcare specialist student (below)


“My plans for Spring Break 2017 are to visit with family and friends, talk about the past few weeks’ experiences, and having a good time. I will get some work done as well to be sure I stay on top of it all!” ~Alec Christopher Marin, visual communications student (below)


Nenita Allmaras, a healthcare specialist student, plans to study, clean the whole house, have fun with her children, and visit with friends.
“My spring break plans are going to Shipshewana, and going to Toledo to help out with my cousin’s kid’s school carnival.” ~Julie McDermitt, early childhood education student (below)


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