Ameriflight awards $3,000 scholarship to Ivy Tech Northeast aviation maintenance technology student

Dallas-based Ameriflight has awarded a $3,000 “Pulling for the Future” scholarship to Justin Talcott, an Ivy Tech Community College Northeast aviation maintenance technology student.


Ameriflight is the world’s largest regional air cargo carrier that serves major financial institutions, freight forwarders, laboratories and overnight couriers in 43 states and parts of Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America.


Talcott is one of 13 scholarship recipients this spring from among Ameriflight’s partner schools across the country. The scholarships range from $1,000 to $4,000 and benefit current juniors or seniors enrolled in a pilot or aviation technician program.


For eligibility, Talcott needed to possess a competitive grade-point average and submit a 500-word essay and letters of recommendation.


“This scholarship represents a huge weight off my shoulders because I won’t need to take out more student loans as I purchase my own maintenance tools and get ready to pay the fees for my upcoming nine professional exams,” Talcott says.


Ameriflight Recruiting Manager Shirley Church presented Talcott with his scholarship check in a ceremony at the Ivy Tech Aviation Center on Feb. 21.

“We’re excited to recognize Justin with one of our first scholarships, and we’d be happy to have him join our organization,” Church says. “Ameriflight’s ‘Pulling for the Future’ scholarship is about helping the next generation of pilots and aviation mechanics. Their shortage in the aviation industry is no secret.”

 According to Boeing’s 2016 “Pilot and Technician Outlook” report, nearly 1.3 million new pilots and aviation technicians will be needed to satisfy worldwide demand by 2035.



Ameriflight Recruiting Manager Shirley Church presents a $3,000 “Pulling for the Future” scholarship check to Justin Talcott, an aviation maintenance technology student, at the Ivy Tech Aviation Center on Feb. 21.

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