WMEE surprised an Ivy Tech Northeast student this year with a ‘break in’

If you listen to WMEE, you may be familiar with Andy & Nichole’s Christmas Break In: For the last four years, the station has selected a nominated person or family who would likely be unable to celebrate Christmas. The station gets the family out of the house for a morning in mid-December, and when the family returns, the house is completely decorated, inside and out, and it’s full of gifts.

After the "break in"
After the “break in”

The station doesn’t mention the family’s name on-air, but this year, we did learn that the recipient is a married Ivy Tech Northeast student with four kids ranging in age from 3 to 18. According to the station,

“Their middle daughter was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder when she was younger and undergoes regular treatment at Riley Hospital. Over the last year, her son also got diagnosed with a rare genetic condition and is having to undergo treatment at Riley now as well. The recipient spends time at home giving treatments to both children as well as monthly checkups at Riley. She is a hard worker and would do anything for anyone. She is dedicated to her job, working with the underserved, and she helps out with all of her children’s school events (football, Boy Scouts, marching band). Her oldest daughter left for Indiana University in the fall, and the recipient spends a lot of her time running her daughter back and forth on weekends and breaks. She denies her own needs for everyone else’s. She has recently shared the financial hardship related to the Riley medical bills and isn’t sure how they are going to make it most days. Despite the struggles and hardships, you’d never guess she’s going through such a time: She always has a smile on her face.”

WMEE “broke in” to the recipient’s house yesterday. Check out photos of the finished tree and listen to the broadcast to learn more about the break in and its recipient.

We’re so proud to have been able to donate in a small way to help out this deserving family.

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