Ivy Tech Northeast dean accepted into 2017 Executive Leadership in Nursing Education and Practice Program

Ivy Tech Community College Northeast’s dean of nursing, Jewel Diller, D.N.P., has been accepted into the 2017 Executive Leadership in Nursing Education and Practice Program. The year-long program operates through the National League for Nursing’s Center for Transformational Leadership. According to the NLN website, the program is designed for executive leaders in nursing education and practice who have held their positions for more than five years and wish to be re-energized, and want to reframe how they think about leadership and themselves as leaders.

To fulfill the program’s requirements, Diller will be participating in a number of professional development opportunities, including leadership assessments, an individual leadership project, career-trajectory planning, and leadership forums in San Diego and Washington, D.C.

Jewel Diller, D.N.P.

Jewel Diller, D.N.P.

Diller says she looks forward to networking with national and international leaders in nursing, growing her leadership competencies, and gaining new ideas to assist her in adding value to Ivy Tech’s Nursing program, both at the regional and statewide levels.

“I have this desire to make a difference by positively influencing the future of nursing in some way. I believe that being an active participant in the executive leadership program will help make that a reality,” Diller says. “I want to become a better version of myself, and in doing so, become a better leader.”

Diller’s administrative leadership within Ivy Tech Northeast’s Nursing program has yielded noteworthy accolades. Most recently, Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) students at the region who took the National Council Licensure Examination, often called NCLEX-RN, achieved a 90.43 percent pass rate last year. Nationally, the pass rate for the exam among associate degree students was 82 percent. Among all nursing students, including bachelor’s degree students, the pass rate was 84.53 percent.

Diller has been employed by Ivy Tech Northeast’s Nursing program since 1989, serving as its dean beginning in 2010.


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