Beautiful public art on campus– which is your favorite?

One of my favorite things about public art is that it’s accessible to everyone. No one needs to pay admission to an exhibit, the art isn’t housed behind glass, and there are no security guards standing by to warn you that you are too close. Ivy Tech Northeast’s art is in the wide open for everyone to enjoy. It reflects who we are and what we stand for: student success.

After an inspiring presentation from a firm focused on campus visit experiences, the Marketing and Communications office brainstormed on what could be done on campus to make our spaces more engaging. We looked around and saw many blank walls that would soon become our canvases.

The Marketing and Communications office worked with local sign-making businesses, talented graphic artists, and a welding class to bring some creativity and imagination to Ivy Tech Northeast. The cooperative initiative brought warmth, cheer, and inspiration to some tired spaces on campus, including

  • Coliseum Campus: Anthony Commons, the Healthy Essence massage clinic, room 1640
  • North Campus
    • Student Life Center: foyer, offices, and commons and the Express Enrollment Center
    • North Campus, Harshman Hall: advising entrance
    • Technology Center: entrance and main hallway

More recently, the exterior of Student Life Center has received a graffiti wall in Ivy Plaza, a welcome message, and the “I in Ivy” interactive sculpture.

But what if students and staff wouldn’t like the new art around campus? What if the graffiti art installation encouraged more graffiti on campus? As a seasoned graphic designer, I understand French artist Henri Matisse’s point that “Creativity takes courage.”Artists are vulnerable when they share their art with others, especially when a mass of people see the art daily. Luckily, the art installations have been well-received. It’s even made students feel pride and belonging when we use their art.

We hope you find the improvements around campus inspiring, colorful and happy.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Pole banners hang at Coliseum Campus parking lot. Visual communication students provided the portraits.
Pole banners hang at Coliseum Campus parking lot. Visual communication students created the portraits.
Andrew Bourne, Assistant Director of Early College Programming & Coordinator of the Ivy Career Advancement Program with “I in Ivy” sculpture near Student Life Center entrance. Sculpture was made by the fall welding fabrication II class, 2015.
Andrew Bourne, assistant director of Early College Programming & coordinator of the Ivy Career Advancement Program, is the “I” in Ivy. The “vy tech” sculpture is near Student Life Center entrance and was made by the fall welding fabrication II class last semester.

Click on the images to zoom and for caption info.

Student Life Center
Student Life Center

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