Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

I just finished slurping up my free Dr. Pepper from Wrap ‘n’ Roll–did you get one, too?

It and the Blue Bamboo, the two on-campus eateries on Coliseum and North campuses, respectively, have some great welcome-back freebies throughout the week. Today was soda. Still to come:

  • Tuesday: Coffee
  • Wednesday: Cookie
  • Thursday: Chips
  • Friday: Fruit

BullsEyeBe sure to check out the new items, too. At the Wrap ‘n’ Roll, I spied some Devil’s Food cookies, those incredible caramels with white cream in the center (also known as Bull’s Eyes), and a pretzel bun burger.

Those who’ve taken classes here before know this kind of stuff is the norm around here. From WOW Wednesdays to pancake breakfasts, students always come first. Those of you who are new here: You’ll learn. And you’ll love it.

Lots of luck this week, all!

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