Take care of yourself during finals week

Matt Shady, the College’s interim dean for the School of Health Sciences, agreed to put together some helpful suggestions for finals week. Of course it’s important to study, but these are some all-about-YOU tips to assure you do your best next week. Good luck!

  1. Do not change your normal routine.


If your body has a normal routine, finals week is not the time to make major changes. Stick with your normal daily activities as much as possible to avoid upsetting your normal balance.

  1. Eat healthy foods.

Proper nutrition may not be a high priority for everyone, but it can certainly help with maintaining your energy levels. Quick fixes like candy bars or energy drinks will give you a sudden burst of energy, but those effects tend to wear off quickly and leave you in a slump that is even worse than you were in before. Instead try healthier alternatives like fresh fruit, nuts, granola, or even cheese and crackers.

  1. Get up and move.

Many instructors believe that some type of brief interruption needs to occur every 40 to 50 minutes of study time. This could be a bathroom break, taking a short walk, or maybe even playing a single game of Candy Crush. Just find what five- to 10-minute task works best for you to give your mind a short break.

  1. Sleep is a necessity.

Most experts agree that adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night. In our busy lives, that may not always be a possibility. Pulling an all-night study session may get the work done, but it can takes days before you fully recover from the sleep deprivation. It is best to follow tip No. 1 and not change your normal routine.

Don’t change your normal routine during finals week, even if you really want to pull that all-nighter to study more. Get those zzz’s!
  1. Don’t let your stress build up.

Finals can be very stressful to many students. Finding ways to deal with your own stress can have lifelong benefits. Exercise is a great way to reduce stress. For others, stress reduction may come from playing with their pet, reading a good book, or just going for a drive. If you find your stress level building, sit back and ask: In five or 10 years, is it really going to matter what grade I got on this final exam?

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