Since you been gone: Notice anything different?

Welcome back, students! It’s been two weeks (or four, for those of you in 10-week classes), and you may have noticed a few changes around campus.

North Campus saw a number of repairs, including fixing potholes and adding a detention pond.

North Campus saw a number of repairs, including fixing potholes and adding a detention pond.

The grounds crew at the College was busy at work before summer classes started to make some updates. Here’s what’s new for you:

  • You might notice some temporary walls up on Coliseum Campus near Room CC1640–that’s for a new bakery for hospitality administration students. Mouth-watering aromas to come.
  • Coliseum Campus saw some concrete work done by Door 50 (near North Anthony Boulevard) to get the doors to stop rubbing up against the concrete in the winter.
  • Building II on Coliseum Campus (that’s the portion that houses the library) received some new heating and cooling units.
  • The Coliseum Campus parking lots received some updates including new curbing, fixing a chunk of sidewalk on the north side of the building, and a new grate by entrances 1 and 2. (That last fix is something you’ll be thrilled about come the next rain storm–the new grate is long and drains water from that divot much better than the former drain.)
  • North Campus saw a good bit of parking lot work, too. (If you happened to come to campus during the construction, it was likely tricky to drive around North Campus.) The College fixed some curbing near Carroll Hall, pot holes, and drainage. Plus, it’s adding a detention pond near that extra parking area in Harshman Hall. (A vocabulary lesson, in case you’re not up on facilities repair terminology: A detention pond is essentially a large ditch that will gather excess rain water to guard against flooding. It holds the water until it absorbs back into the ground.)

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