College awards more than $320K in scholarships in 2015-16

During the 2015-16 fiscal year, Ivy Tech Community College Northeast awarded more than $320,000 in scholarships to students, which represents a 70 percent increase over the last five years. The total is the second highest amount of scholarships in Ivy Tech’s statewide system; Ivy Tech South Bend is the only campus to award more scholarship funds.

Using the summer 2016 per credit hour cost of $133.15 for Indiana residents, this amount covers more than 2,400 credit hours for students, or the equivalent of 40 full-time associate degrees. The average scholarship awarded was for $976, which covers seven credits, and 328 students received scholarship money during this timeframe.

“This increase can be directly attributed to the support of our community and its local employers,” says Oliver Barie, executive director of Resource Development, which is the office that handles scholarships. “With this unprecedented growth, northeast Indiana has left little doubt as to the importance of a community college.”

More than 20 percent of students are single parents, and more than 40 percent of independent students have an adjusted gross income of less than $16,000 a year.

“While we take pride in our new level of scholarship funds awarded, our work is far from done,” he says.

The College is currently planning to continue to increase scholarship funds through a variety of avenues.

“We understand that many students need further financial assistance in order to stay on track to meet their education and career goals,” Chancellor Jerrilee K. Mosier says. “Ivy Tech Northeast is working to further increase the availability of scholarship funds through our Dream Big Capital Campaign with planned giving, as well as strengthening our community partnerships to help identify additional financial resources to assist students.”

Visit to learn more about scholarships at Ivy Tech Northeast. Select “Fort Wayne” on the “Scholarships by Campus” dropdown menu to view a list of scholarships available to Ivy Tech Northeast students.

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