JPMorgan Chase grant to benefit local companies with employee-focused business program

A $240,000 grant from JPMorgan Chase & Co. will allow Ivy Tech Community College Northeast to provide business administration classes for local employees interested in earning a certificate or associate degree.

The program, called the College for Working Adults, allows students to attend classes one night a week. Classes will follow a cohort model, meaning students will complete the full program with the same set of peers, building camaraderie. Ivy Tech Northeast can provide classes, as well as registration, on-site.

“The program allows us to engage with employers and offer them a customized program so their employees can further their education and, ultimately, their careers,” says Jennifer Krupa, the coordinator for the College for Working Adults. “This increases the population of Indiana residents with the skills, education, and training needed in local jobs.”

The ideal students are those with a full-time job, students who have little free time but want to earn a college degree to further their careers.

“The program aims to make the work-life-school balance easier to handle,” Krupa says.

The grant is for the state-wide implementation of the program, with $102,258.99 marked for Ivy Tech Northeast. It will be paid in three installments through 2017. Funds will be used for

  1. A part-time program coordinator who will be responsible for recruiting students and program scheduling
  2. A stipend for a faculty member to oversee the program
  3. Course development
  4. A community outreach plan
  5. Professional development for faculty participating in the program

Classes begin spring 2016. To learn more about the College’s Business Administration program, visit

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