My Pet & Me: Paisley, the Goldendoodle

My Pet sig2Meet Abbie Flowers, a medical assisting student, and her 8 1/2-month old Goldendoodle, Paisley.

Abbie writes:

I’ve been wanting a puppy for five years now, and my boyfriend and I were looking at houses. I told him, “I’m getting a puppy when we get a house.” So the day we got the keys to our house, we got our fur baby, Paisley . She was born Feb. 22, and we got her April 19. She loves her parents and follows them everywhere. She knows how to sit, shake, high five, and lay down. We are working on rolling over. She loves everyone and thinks they are all around to see her. She also loves to chase leaves when they blow around. She is definitely ornery, but she is so full of love.

Abbie and Paisley
Abbie and Paisley

Do you have a pet you’d like to see featured in Green Light? Send your full name, major (for students) or title (for employees), and your pet’s name and info to And tell me a story about your buddy: How’d you get it? What’s its personality like? What’s the funniest thing it’s ever done? Don’t forget to include a photo of you and your pet!

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