Inside Ivy Tech: Sticky, sweet, crunchy fall perfection

Need help making caramel apples? We’ve got your back

A caramel apple is more than a fall treat.

It’s a reminder of a favorite neighbor who went out of her way to give caramel apples at Halloween. Of crisp days and crisper orange and yellow leaves underfoot. Of family outings to apple orchards or fall festivals.

Hospitality administration adjunct faculty member Kim Murphy has enjoyed baking since she was a kid, but Halloween baking has always been her favorite, she says.

For Kim Murphy, a caramel apple is a representation of her favorite time of year to make treats. Murphy, a hospitality administration adjunct faculty member and an assistant culinary instructor at Impact Institute in Kendallville, Ind., has made caramel apples the week of Halloween since she was a kid.

“I can remember unwrapping the caramels, popping one in my mouth, and seeing how many others I could unwrap before that one dissolved,” she says.

She offers up her favorite caramel apple recipe—and some tips for things that can turn a little sticky.

  • Don’t be afraid to use Kraft caramels. It can be tough to get from-scratch caramel to become the correct consistency for apples. Let the pros handle it.
  • Choose the best stick. Murphy tends to pick the biggest apples she can find, and Popsicle sticks just aren’t strong enough. “Find some heavy skewers, or better yet, stop by your doctor’s office and ask for some tongue depressors,” she says. “Usually you have to trade for the finished product, so keep that in mind.”
  • Once the caramel and chocolates are melted down, set them on a heating pad. This will reduce the chances of burning the ingredients and keep you from needing to reheat them.
  • GO BIG. Choose your favorite kind of apple and dip, dip, dip until you get a thick layer of caramel. Add plenty of toppings: chopped nuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips, chocolate drizzles, candies.

Caramel and Chocolate Apples

15 skewers or tongue depressors
15 green apples
4 pounds of caramels
4 pounds of chocolate
4 cups of mini chocolate chips
4 cups of colored sprinkles

Insert sticks into the core of apples. On low heat, melt caramel. Dip apples into caramel. Set stick-side-up on parchment paper or a silicon mat for 5 minutes. Dip again. Repeat until desired amount of caramel. Let the apples sit for 15 minutes. On low heat melt chocolate. Dip apples into warm chocolate halfway up the apple. Add sprinkles or chocolate chips. Place back on parchment paper or silicon mat until firm.



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