What’s on your bucket list?

“I went skydiving. I went rocky mountain climbing. I went two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu.”

Tim McGraw famously put it in to song in “Live Like You Were Dying” (am I the only one who sings along as he reads the lyrics?), reiterating our need as humans to make life memorable, collecting a bucket list. I asked some Ivy Tech Northeast students and employees what is on their to-do lists. Some of us want to travel and maybe some of us want to make like Tim and jump out a plane.

That’s exactly what Aja Michael-Keller, the College’s events coordinator, wants to do. Other members of the marketing and communications team want to travel to Europe, build a house, and even eat their way through Italy.


Me? I have always wanted an unpractical amount of golden retrievers.


Scott Reszel, a student worker at the Wrap ‘N Roll Deli, wants to move to London so he can spend his time at Loading, a bar that serves video game-themed drinks.

LOADING BAR W ScottKeiara Robinson, also a student worker at the Wrap N’ Roll Deli, wants to produce and act in a female version of The Hangover.

HANGOVER KIEARA Lacey Funk, a business administration student, wants to go to Croatia to see where her ancestors came from.

lacey on flag

Raymond Lee, who also works at the Wrap N’ Roll Deli, wants to travel to Australia.

Raymond australiaWith graduation and summer break right around the corner, maybe now is the time to start considering what memories you want to make! What’s on your bucket list?

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