My Pet & Me: Favorite Ivy Tech pets

My Pet & Me is an occasional feature on Green Light.

My Pet & Me is an occasional feature on Green Light.

For your dose of furry this Friday, we have three students’ four-legged friends to meet.

First up: Reco.

Reco is a 4-year-old Maltese Chihuahua who dances for treats. Before he became part of Rose Thompson’s family, Reco was in commercials for Uncle Bill’s Pet Center.

Thompson, an early childhood education major, says Reco was just shy of 2 1/2 pounds when her family got him. Today, he’s 13 pounds.



Tucker is an 11-year-old chocolate lab. Carlie Fee, an education major, writes that Tucker is a bright lab who loves walks. Last summer, Tucker even taught himself how to open the back screen door so he could get into the sun room and see the pond out back.

Fee and Tucker

Fee and Tucker

Lea Gamble, a building construction management student, introduces us to her cat, Luna. Gamble writes:

One of our barn cats had had kittens, and she had kicked one out of the litter.  My family brought her in, and our local vet clinic taught us everything we needed to know about raising such a young kitten on our own.  It was nerve-wracking the first couple months because we had tried to save abandoned kittens before and failed.  Luna was strong and healthy though, and she was my baby.  When she was small she had this habit of crawling onto my neck and would purr and sleep right there, and all these years later she still does the same thing every night, although it’s kind of tough now because of how big she’s gotten!

Gamble and Luna

Gamble and Luna

Do you have a pet you’d like to have featured on My Pet & Me? Email a photo of you and your pet to with your name and major (for students) or title (for employees); be sure to include your pet’s breed and name. You may appear in a future post on Green Light!

Green Light will take a short break next week and be back April 24. See you then!

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