What are your ideas to benefit Ivy Tech Northeast?

Hi, I'm Brenda!
Hi, I’m Brenda!

Hey, there! It’s Brenda Zemaitis, the event management intern for Marketing & Communications.

On Wednesday, I attended a luncheon that was all about change. I was PUMPED. Our chancellor, Jerrilee Mosier, sat down with faculty and students to discuss what they would like to see change around Ivy Tech Northeast. We had lunch together and got to share our ideas and visions of things that would make our campus better. Here are just a few ideas I thought would be amazing to see at Ivy Tech:

Student Alicia Williams, at right, and Chancellor Jerrilee Mosier share ideas that could help improve our campus.
Student Alicia Williams, at right, and Chancellor Jerrilee Mosier share ideas that could help improve our campus.
  • A  touch-screen interactive map. How great would it be to walk up to an extra large screen with a map of our campuses and touch on any area and see not only the rooms with a virtual tour but also all the events happening for that day? The basketball schedules, bus schedules, seminar schedules … All of Ivy Tech at your fingertips.
  • Another greenhouse. Our Agriculture program would have a great space to grow and learn, and our cafés would have fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables to make farm-to-fork a reality at our College.
  • Small, intimate computer areas. Instead of sitting in an uncomfortable and cold computer lab, you could work in a more relaxed environment among friends.
  • Outdoor lounge space similar to Ivy Plaza between Harshman Hall and the Student Life Center. Let’s get a place at Coliseum Campus where we can enjoy the sunshine while getting our work done.
  • Coffee bar. Who wants a lattefrapamochalata with extra foam and some drizzle? We would all be able to get through our classes a little bit easier with fancy coffee at our finger tips.
  • Food truck days. Have you ever been to Lunch on the Square downtown? You have an abundance of area food trucks with all different cuisines all together in one spot. How about having all those food trucks in our parking lot one day every week? Deliciousness.
  • More couches. Because we love them.

What would you like to see happen on your campus?

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6 thoughts on “What are your ideas to benefit Ivy Tech Northeast?

  1. I stopped at the student life bldg. today to take in the Edible Book festival and also to get information on signing up for a few of the personal enrichment classes. I was hoping to see if they were being offered this summer and to get details on days, dates and fees. The express enrollment desk referred me to the admissions/registrars office. That office told me there weren’t any personal enrichment classes offered at Ivy Tech.
    I viewed them at this link.
    My idea for making Ivy Tech better is to help people who want to sign up for classes:) I am a former student and enjoy taking classes there, but first I have to be able to get the information that I need. If I were a person coming to Ivy Tech for the first time I would probably walk out and not return as this was not a good experience.

    1. Teresa-

      I am truly sorry you had that experience. I will be sure your information gets shared with our Student Affairs administration (Admissions, Registrar, and Express Enrollment Center). The information you accessed on our website related to personal enrichment are courses outside the normal academic degree/certification scope. On that particular website you reference, there’s online or phone assistance in getting registered for the courses. Most of these courses run through our Corporate College side of things, because they are one-time enrichment development opportunities for folks (some offered here and some offered at other Ivy Tech campuses across the state).

      If you’d like more info on what exactly is offered here in Fort Wayne from that perspective, you can contact Ann Travis at 260-480-4118 or atravis@ivytech.edu – her office is located in Carroll Hall on the North Campus.

      If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll do everything we can to get the answers for you.

    2. I am sorry to hear that you had that experience. I am glad that you have had better ones at Ivy Tech and know that it is a great place to learn and grow. I continue to learn about all kinds of courses that are offered at Ivy Tech and wish that I had known more about the variety that are offered (much sooner). I hope that you enjoyed the Edible Book festival. Best wishes.

  2. I have tried to connect with other students on campus through organizations on IVY LIFE, and the posts are so old, and it seems as though no one even visits there anymore. I am going into the Nursing program here at Ivy Tech in the Fall, and I noticed that there are no ways for us ask questions or find out what it will be like, from anyone in the program. It is almost like it is a secret…I did notice that a lot of students from other campuses use Facebook pages, but the ones for our Nursing students are no longer on there. I just think that we should have a successful way to connect with each other. I do use Ivy Tech books Facebook page to ask questions, but the only students who reply are from other campuses around the state, and the information is irrelevant.

    1. Michelle-
      I assure you there are no secrets 🙂 I think the best thing to do to really find out what the program is like is contact the School of Nursing (either Jewel Diller jdiller@ivytech.edu or Nadeena Spice at nspice@ivytech.edu or call the Nursing secretary at 260-481-2220 … let them know you’d really like to learn more about the program, ask questions, and maybe even meet a few students or graduates from the program. I am sure they would be open to it!

    2. Michelle-
      Also, there are two pre-nursing advisors in the Academic Advising Center (Jacquelyn Clapper and Ann Lewis). They do a great job of helping students learn more about our programs. I would encourage you to speak with them, too.

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