My Pet & Me: The proper Mr. Charles

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My Pet & Me is an occasional feature on Green Light.

Meet Tessa Aby. Tessa is a liberal arts major from Decatur, and she has a golden retriever-lab mix named Mr. Charles. She writes:

His name is Mr. Charles because he is a sir. He will be 3 years old this June, and he is extremely smart. He knows how to sit, lay down, roll over, and speak. He can say ‘I love you,’ and he sings along with the harmonica when I play. He can also jump through a hula-hoops. He has changed my life forever. I love him more then anything.

Tessa wrote a story about Mr. Charles last month for her creative writing class and shared it with us. You can find an excerpt from “The Tail of Mr. Charles” below.

Tessa and Mr. Charles
Tessa and Mr. Charles

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* * *

“Did you guys get new puppies?!” Tessa said, extremely excited.

“My son bought the German Short-Haired Pointer,” he said, pointing at the gray puppy, who was relentlessly biting and picking on me, “and my daughter found this free puppy and brought it to surprise my wife since her other dog got hit on the road.”

“Two puppies in one house! I’m sure all your shoes are chewed up and carpets peed on,” Tessa said, laughing.

“You’re absolutely right! Having two puppies is a lot of work. We haven’t been getting much sleep either. So I think we might give the golden one away. We named him Charlie, like after Charlie Sheen,” Mr. Corral said with a smirk on his face.

“I just love him! He’s so perfect!” Tessa said blissfully as she squeezed me and kissed my face.

After that, she took me across the road to my new home. I met her mother, who just adored me. She kissed me and hugged me and said how cute I was.

“So can I keep him?” Tessa asked her mother anxiously.

“You knew I couldn’t say no with this cuddly puppy in my arms. He’s adorable. You can keep him,” her mother said while she nuzzled me.

That’s when my life begin. My best friend was very pleased with me. Tessa always served me the best dog food and treats, not to mention all the places I was free to run. There were many bones to chew on and cats to chase. I always tried my hardest to make her proud. Potty training was easy; I did anything she would ask of me. She taught me how to speak and many other types of tricks. My life with her was wonderful. I was never happier!

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