Ivy Tech Northeast announces recipient of $3k scholarship

Kama Erpelding is the recipient of Ivy Tech Community College Northeast’s Show Me the Scholarship!, a video competition that asked students and prospective students to create a short, creative video explaining why they chose Ivy Tech Northeast. Nearly 2,500 votes were cast.

Erpelding created a video that was fun and silly, centering its theme around a storytime to “Baby E.” She will receive a $3,000 scholarship to the College.

“One day, she decided that she wanted to do more than just work two jobs for the rest of her life,” she says in the video.

Erpelding chose Ivy Tech Northeast because its nursing program is accredited, the price tag is affordable, and she can complete her studies in just two years.

Erpelding has been taking general education classes at the College on a part-time basis for three years and plans to apply to the nursing program in the fall, she says. The scholarship will allow her to cut down on her work hours and take more classes than she has been able to thus far.

“I’ve been working two jobs,” she says. “For me, this is going to be huge so I can cut down on my hours and just do this. I’m paying everything out-of-pocket right now.”

A voter commented on the poll, “As a working adult with children who go to school, I vote for KAMA! Working two jobs and having a mortgage/car payments/etc. is challenging. You’ve got this, girl!”

View Erpelding’s video below.

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