Hospitality students serving all over Fort Wayne

I’ve worked at Ivy Tech Northeast for just longer than a year and a half, and one of the things that never ceases to impress me is how involved our students are in the Fort Wayne community.

Hetty Arts, a hospitality administration adjunct faculty member, recently sent over some photos she took of her students serving at and working in a variety of community and College events.

First up, we have two students working at Science Central’s fundraiser, Mixology 401: The Science of Cocktails. They served frozen juice spheres.

Students demonstrate neat frozen juice spheres at the Science Central Mixology eventAnother group of students who worked at Mixology 401.

Catering class students pose for a quick photo while representing Ivy Tech at the Science Central Mixology eventJae Jae Severin serves up bacon-topped chocolate cake at Power of the Purse, Women United’s fundraiser.

Jae Jae represents Ivy Tech at the Power of the Purse event at IPFWBrittney Todd plated desserts for the Chancellor’s Scholarship Dinner, which honored Ivy Tech Northeast fall 2014 scholarship recipients.

Brittney plates desserts at the Chancellor's Scholarship DinnerOK, Nicki Clark isn’t working at an event, but this is still pretty cool: She’s using a chocolate sprayer in her plated desserts class.

Nicki uses the chocolate sprayer during the Plated Desserts classThis is the last Green Light for the semester. Best of luck on finals next week, students, and I’ll see you back on Green Light on Jan. 16–that’d be 2015! Have a great holiday, and enjoy your vacation. Oh yes, and to you fall 2014 graduates: CONGRATS.

One thought on “Hospitality students serving all over Fort Wayne

  1. I would love to stop by and see if there are any leftovers! They do such a great job creating great dishes and the deserts look scrumptious.

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