Ivy Tech Northeast video scholarship deadline approaching; $3,000 for spring 2015 semester

Entries to Ivy Tech Community College Northeast’s Show Me the Scholarship! are due Dec. 12. The scholarship recipient will receive $3,000 to go toward his or her spring 2015 semester classes.

Students and prospective students are invited to create a short video telling Ivy Tech Northeast why they chose, or will choose, Ivy Tech Northeast. Videos should be creative, light-hearted, and fun.

General guidelines:

  • Video must be NO LONGER than four minutes, 30 seconds.
  • Video must be primarily self-produced. Feel free to feature your friends or family, but the editing/direction must come from YOU.
  • Video must be uploaded to YouTube and viewable by the public, tagged with the following, exact phrases:
    • Ivy Tech Northeast
    • Ivy Tech Community College Northeast
    • Show Me the Scholarship!

Any entries missing any of the above information will be disqualified. A full list of regulations, and the scholarship entry form, can be found at IvyTech.edu/northeast/scholarship. Videos are due by 5 p.m. Dec. 12. Questions about the scholarship can be directed to Jaclyn Garver at jgarver2@ivytech.edu.

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