Chinese exchange group to visit Ivy Tech Northeast

A group of delegates from the China Education Association for International Exchange will visit Ivy Tech Community College Northeast Aug. 4 and 5. The education leaders are looking to develop relationships with colleges and universities across the country and are interested in developing educational, international exchange opportunities specifically for post-secondary Chinese students.

Led by Zheng Ziaoyong (Brian) from Beijing, China, assistant director of the CEAIE and president of Victory Education Nonprofit Agency, the delegates are seeking opportunities to bring college or university students of China to further their education in the partner higher education institutions in the United States. In addition, they are designing teacher training programs for Chinese teachers.

“Ivy Tech Community College Northeast has collaborated on several occasions with CEAIE through the American Association of Community Colleges,” says Chancellor Jerrilee K. Mosier. “We are pleased to be hosting representatives from the agency who are interested in what our College has to offer in terms of potential partnerships, and we look forward to exploring the opportunities through discussion next week.”

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