Everyone loves a parade


My name is Crystal Monhollen, and I’m the blog writer who shared news of the Ivy Art Society’s new graphic novel, “Finding Ivy,” a few weeks ago. I’m both a student and a student worker at Ivy Tech Community College Northeast. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, and I like to have fun and pursue new experiences. My most recent pursuit was marching in the Three Rivers Festival Parade on July 12 with Ivy Tech Northeast students, faculty, and staff.

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Crystal Monhollen and Brian Clendenen

The parade was an exciting time; there were tons of smiling faces, cheering spectators, and dancing participants. The crowds went wild as we passed out free flying disks, and they loved the song we played from the speakers on our parade entry: Pharrell Williams’ “Happy.” I especially enjoyed watching little kids dance in the street and everyone clapping along with our team to the song.

blogMy favorite thing about this year’s parade was the high spirits that surrounded me. Everybody was in a great mood and seemed to be enjoying themselves. I also thought it was really neat to have an LED board for our parade entry, which provided a live Twitter feed. Tweets sent by team members and parade spectators alike were posted on the board. It was amazing to see people interact with our entry, and I loved being able to witness first-hand how Fort Wayne came together to watch such an amazing event.

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Ivy Tech Northeast’s student, faculty, and staff marchers

My second favorite thing about the parade was being on television. It’s a great feeling to be broadcast in front of so many people live. I watched the parade later on DVR, and I couldn’t wait to spot our group. Knowing I was on TV definitely makes me want to participate again next year.

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Lastly, I have to say being there with my boss was a fun thing, too. If you don’t know my boss, his name is Andrew Welch, and he is awesome. He’s the executive director for the Marketing and Communications office. Giving up his Saturday morning to lead a group of students, faculty, and staff through the parade was inspirational. He showed me the passion it takes to make people engaged in fun activities, and most of all, the time he spends with people willingly. I love that he can dance and has no cares about who is watching … or best of all, him yelling at the spectators to clap their hands and cheer on the parade. Andrew made our entry exciting because his personality is outgoing, and you can’t have a parade without someone like him.

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Andrew Welch and Deanna Lynn Surfus

Join us next year because you will definitely have a lot of fun!

One thought on “Everyone loves a parade

  1. I was amazed at the turn out this year and was especially grateful to be part of such a wonderful event with my peers and faculty!! Definitely will do it again and encourage others to join next year! Thanks everyone!!!!

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