Three Ivy Tech Northeast students place in international Cisco networking competitions

Patrick Herendeen, James Franklin, and Kevin Miller—all Cyber Technology students at Ivy Tech Community College Northeast—have placed in the 2014 United States and Canada international CCNA and CCENT Cisco NetRiders competitions.

Herendeen and Franklin finished 19th and 87th, respectively, in North America in the Cisco Certified Network Associate (or CCNA) competition, which tests students on the full four semesters of their coursework. Miller finished 102nd in the Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (or CCENT) competition, which tests students on their first two semesters of coursework.

More than 700 students competed in the CCNA event, and more than 1,000 competed in the CCENT event.

Ivy Tech Northeast’s Cyber Tech certificate program is just two years old, and seeing students’ success in these national competitions shows the program coordinator, Raphaël Wolff, just how well the College is delivering course content, he says.

The NetRiders competitions test students on their knowledge of computer technology, from troubleshooting network problems to the components of a monitor.

Learn more about the competition at

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