VOTING CLOSED: Vote for your favorite meme, get entered to win an Ivy Tech backpack of goodies

Voting to enter the giveaway has closed.

All semester, Ivy Tech Northeast has been taking a slightly different look at our programs, using Justin Timberlake’s head on a lion’s body to celebrate our Visual Communications program, or creepy little cyber bugs to celebrate Information Security.

What we want to know is: Which is your favorite? Check out all the memes and vote in our poll at the end of this post. Then, leave a comment on this post with your name and email address; one lucky winner will receive a backpack full of Ivy Tech treats. Giveaway ends at noon Friday, April 18, and a winner will be chosen by (Click on any image to share on Facebook.)

MEME 1: AgricultureAgForWeb

MEME 2: Aviation TechAviatTechForWeb

MEME 3: Early Childhood Ed ECLCforWeb

MEME 4: General StudiesGenStudForWeb

MEME 5: Info Security InfoSecForWeb

MEME 6: NursingNursingForWeb

MEME 7: Public Safety Public-Safety-SupermanForWeb

MEME 8: Therapeutic Massage TherMassForWeb

MEME 9: Vis Comm VisComForWeb

47 thoughts on “VOTING CLOSED: Vote for your favorite meme, get entered to win an Ivy Tech backpack of goodies

  1. It was a tie between Early Childhood Ed, Nursing, and Info Security for me, but ECEd squeaked out a little ahead.

  2. They were all very neat, But I had to go with early childhood learning. Because when you are a good teacher , you can read a book to a child and take them any were in their imagination.

  3. All of them brought a smile to my face, but I like the agriculture one the best(I plan to plant a garden this year, so the picture is inspiring).

  4. IVY TECH!! Woot! Wooott!! I love Ivy Tech and will rep it to the day I graduate 🙂 the general studies meme was awesome 🙂

  5. I really like the look of sweats and slightly out of shape person doing yoga reminds me of my self 🙂 !!!

  6. I have enjoyed viewing the Memes in my email. It was nice to re-visit them. I voted for the General Studies Meme because I think so many people are undecided or just want to get their college basics behind them at an affordable price. Ok, really that guy is hot and he wants to be what you want him to be. Lol! I will say that the warrior looks a bit camera shy, but I would give him my next vote! It was not until I viewed the Warrior III pose meme (in a somewhat recent email) that I even knew that Yoga was offered at Ivy Tech! If I had known sooner I would have signed up for Yoga. I think that there are many classes offered at Ivy Tech that many are unaware of and that is a shame.

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