The eerie, empty campus: Spring Break edition

For the past five days, you, the student, have been on spring break. If you’re lucky, you’ve gone somewhere warm and delightful, some place that hasn’t seen snow in a long, long time.

But back in Fort Wayne? We’ve seen some snow. In fact, Ivy Tech Northeast actually closed March 12–smack dab in the middle of your “spring” break.

Maybe it was the snow that helped, or maybe it is just the feeling of an empty, lights-out classroom. But man, things are eerie around campus when none of you are around–something out of a Stephen King novel. It’s the scene right before the creepy twins appear at the end of the hallway, holding hands, staring you down with some kind of secret, evil intent.

A loooooong hallway in Harshman. Can't you just see some "Shining" twins standing at the end of it, staring at your soul?
A loooooong hallway in Harshman. Can’t you just see some “Shining” twins standing at the end of it, staring through your soul?

And of course, those of us left behind get prime parking.

The Coliseum Campus parking lot.
The Coliseum Campus parking lot Thursday afternoon = empty

Try to show up to work at 8 a.m. on a school day and get closer than the 20th row — you’ll fail.

And if you need a break, you can actually concentrate enough to read a book by the window.

DSCN9609Just try doing that when classes let out on a regular Thursday afternoon.

All that being said?

It’ll be nice when everyone is back.

* * *

Note: Green Light will take a break next week, as I’ll be off on a work conference. See you March 28! And as always, if you have any post ideas–teachers doing awesome, classrooms stories that need to be shared, students who need to tell me their tales–shoot me an email:

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