Ivy Tech Northeast to offer student-driven classes in Computer Information Systems program

Starting spring 2014, Ivy Tech Community College Northeast will begin to offer competency-based education classes for students in the Computer Information Systems program.

Students will be able to use the skills and knowledge they have already acquired through work or life experience to complete their coursework at an accelerated pace. Competency-based education classes take students’ prior knowledge on a subject into account and allow them to work at their own pace to complete a class. Students in the program will have the benefit of working with a subject matter expert for each course. They will also have an assigned mentor who will help guide them through the educational process.

The classes being offered are for ideal for students who:

  • Are motivated
  • Are self-starters
  • Enjoy working on their own
  • Feel comfortable working online
  • Have prior knowledge in Computer Information Systems

Computer Information Systems is the first program at Ivy Tech Northeast to offer competency based classes. Special consideration will be given to students in the program who already have six credit hours of classes completed.

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