Ivy Tech Northeast welcomes program chair of new Agriculture department

Ivy Tech Northeast is pleased to welcome Kelli Kreider to campus as the college’s new program chair of the Agriculture department.



This semester marks the first to offer Agriculture, and Kreider will shape the department—with the help of the eight students currently enrolled in the program, she says.

“This is home for me,” Kreider says. “I already have great connections with a lot of agriculture community members. The interest and enthusiasm is here.”

Kreider, who has her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in agricultural education from Purdue University, grew up on her family’s grain and livestock farm in Whitley County. As a child and teen, she was an active member in the National FFA Organization and a 10-year member of 4-H Club.

The Agriculture program is offered at six other Ivy Tech campuses. At the Northeast campus, students can earn an Associate of Science degree, where the coursework provides students the classroom and hands-on experience necessary for a career in the agriculture industry. The program prepares students to transfer to Purdue, where they can complete a bachelor’s degree in one of 33 majors. Students who choose the Associate of Applied Science degree will be prepared to enter all of the major agriculture branches: crops, livestock, and ag-business.

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