Ivy Tech now accepting applications for Steuben County classes aimed at high school students

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne is partnering with the Steuben County Enterprise Center to run classes aimed at high school students as part of its Manufacturing Academy. Applications for the fall cohort are now open to juniors and seniors. Fall 2021 classes run Aug. 18 through Dec. 16.

The Manufacturing Academy is a collaborative initiative to connect area high school students and adults with manufacturing partners. Sponsoring manufacturers will provide selected Academy students with a paid learning experience about manufacturing fundamentals such as shop operations, safety, and blueprint reading as well as soft skills such as teamwork, communications, and problem-solving that can lead to a successful career. Along the way, students will earn seven Ivy Tech credits that correlate to an MSSC-CPT certification or can be applied toward an Ivy Tech degree in Industrial Technology or Advanced Automation and Robotics Technology. The Academy will deploy both classroom instruction and hands-on lab experiences at the Enterprise Center located at 907 South Wayne Street, Angola, Indiana.

“The High School Manufacturing Academy is a win for all,” says Kimberly Waugh, Ivy Tech Fort Wayne Director of K-14 Engagement and Transition. “As a parent myself, the opportunity for my son or daughter to receive highly skilled hands-on training and be paid for their experiences all while preparing them for their future career is a game changer.  Students don’t know what they don’t know unless they can see it, do it, and experience it!” Interested high school students should contact their guidance counselor and Kimberly Waugh kwaugh7@ivytech.edu for further information. Participating high schools include Angola, Fremont, Prairie Heights, and Hamilton. Check out eligibility requirements, a link to the application, and more information on the Manufacturing Academy website at link.ivytech.edu/Academy

BFGoodrich Technical Scholar Program and Ivy Tech Fort Wayne partner to create more student opportunities

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and BFGoodrich are partnering to provide an opportunity for students to develop hands-on work experience while earning their degree in Industrial Electrical or Mechanical Technology. The partnership is called the BFGoodrich Technical Scholar Program.

Qualifying students will receive scholarships to cover the cost of tuition, fees and books for the program along with competitive pay for part-time work in the BFGoodrich manufacturing facility.

Benefits of the BFGoodrich Tech Scholar Program

  • Earn on-the-job training and valuable experience at one of the world’s leading companies
  • Develop invaluable skills such as time management, teamwork, and problem solving
  • Customized work schedule
  • Upon graduation, become eligible for entry-level employment at BFGoodrich as a Maintenance Technician

“Partnerships like the BFGoodrich Tech Scholar Program allow Ivy Tech students to get real-world experience that lets them put their classroom learning into action immediately,” says Bob Parker, department chair of industrial technology at Ivy Tech. “When they leave the program, they’re ready for a high-demand job right away.”

Among other program requirements, applicants must be enrolled as a full-time student in Industrial Electrical or Mechanical Technology, maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA, work at least 20 hours per week at BFGoodrich.

Learn more about the BFGoodrich Tech Scholar Program by contacting Bob Parker at rparker27@ivytech.edu.

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne Alum Launches Lifesaving App

This May, when most Ivy Tech students were celebrating their graduation, James Anunda (’21) was also celebrating the launch of his latest tech collaboration, Naxos OD. The one-of-a-kind phone app aims to prevent opioid overdoses by connecting people to lifesaving intervention and is the result of student work across Ivy Tech campuses under the leadership of Ivy Tech instructors. But James isn’t done.

James grew up in Fort Wayne and even as a young person he was drawn to computer technology. “From day one, it’s never changed. I knew what I wanted to do and I stuck with it. I never even changed my major.” He  graduated from Ivy Tech in May of this year in the Informatics TSAP Program, earning credits he will transfer to Purdue Fort Wayne School of Polytechnic’s Information Technology program this fall.

Ivy Tech’s convenience and affordability is what brought James to Fort Wayne’s campus,  but he also found some unexpected gems along his journey. “My favorite part about the Informatics program was the people. I met some amazing people. The instructors were great, especially Lucy La Hurreau.”

James’ education also connected him to critical hands-on experiences. Along with four other students from across the Ivy Tech system, James participated in AT&T’s FirstNet Hackathon. This intensive contest brings together software developers from across Indiana to create mobile apps that assist firefighters, law enforcement, and emergency management services. Developers worked non-stop over 24 hours to create mobile apps addressing public safety, the opioid crisis, and improved engagement between first responders and the communities they serve. The Ivy Tech team won first place in “Best App for the Opioid Crisis” and second place in the “Best App from a Student Team” categories, taking home a total of $7,000 in prize money.

Out of this competition came a company, Naxos Neighbors, and mobile app Naxos OD, which anonymously connects opioid overdose observers with a trained neighbor responder who can quickly administer naloxone in a matter of minutes. Responders can also provide addiction resources and support for the person in need. With the opioid crisis claiming more than a thousand Hoosier lives per year, this app has the potential to literally save lives.

Although he didn’t expect it, the experience of taking an app from conceptual stages to physical implementation has changed the scope of James’ future with Naxos OD’s parent company, Naxos Neighbors, as it became an official limited liability company in 2021.

“We really developed the company a bit on a whim,” said James, “We were like, let’s see what happens, and we ran with it. Frankly, it’s going so well we haven’t looked back. We did beta testing in May and our next steps are launching in August. Between now and then we’re basically working out the last-minute bugs.”

Though James is now a software engineer for Naxos OD, he’s still pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Fort Wayne, with a goal of working for the federal government as a software engineer or IT specialist. He equates his level of success to his time at Ivy Tech. “Lucy and Kris Roberts impacted me the most during my time at Ivy Tech. Lucy was with us at the Hackathon. She saw how deep I was in it. She knew I was a man of many hats, but participating in the Hackathon showed me that I had a lot more talent in software development than I thought I did.”

As James moves onto his next adventure, he encourages students to network with those closest to them. “Make friends. Network with people. Talk to your instructors. You never know how much of an impact they will have for you down the road later on. But the biggest thing is if you have an opportunity to build something, take it and run with it. Even if you crash and burn, it’s the experience that counts.”

To learn more about Informatics and other IT programs at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne, visit IvyTech.edu/informatics.

Ivy Tech hosting mobile enrollment event for employers and students in Noble County on June 23

Ivy Tech Community College is hosting a mobile enrollment event on June 23 at the Kendallville Impact Institute at 2 and 3 p.m. During the event, prospective students can complete steps they need to start classes. Enrollment experts will be on-hand to answer questions and help attendees with enrollment steps including assessment, financial aid, and more.

Registration is now open for classes starting in August. Prospective students should bring their most recent tax returns for financial aid, and their previous high school or college transcripts for assessment.

Employers are also welcome to attend a 2 p.m. session where they can meet with Ivy Tech representatives and to learn more about training and tuition reimbursement options.

Prospective students and employers can visit link.ivytech.edu/mobile to register. Classes begin Aug. 18.

June 23
Student sessions at 2 p.m. or 3 p.m.
Employer session at 2 p.m.

Kendallville Impact Institute
1607 Dowling Street
Kendallville, IN 46755

Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne Awards 10k Grant to Ivy Tech Fort Wayne’s Ivy Works program

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and Warsaw’s Ivy Works Programs has received a $10,000 grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne. The Ivy Works program is an employment and training program to help students receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits enroll and complete short-term certificate programs at Ivy Tech. The funding will be primarily used to support tuition and book fees.

Ivy Works is designed to allow students to choose from more than 70 certificate programs that are considered “high demand” in our northeast Indiana community such as advanced manufacturing, building and construction, health and life sciences, IT and business services, and transportation and logistics. While enrolled in the program, students also receive wrap-around services from Ivy Tech which include case management (weekly), supervised job search, tuition and books assistance, and other barrier busting resources such as transportation assistance, childcare vouchers, and more.

“At Ivy Tech, we are committed to our helping our students overcome challenges by leveraging the resources and services of our college and our community partners,” said Tracina Smith, Executive Director of Resource Development at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw. “This generous donation from the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne will help support at-risk students in northeast Indiana while they achieve their career and educational goals.”

The Community Foundation is dedicated to supporting lifelong learning as part of their core mission. To this end, they award more than $400,000 in scholarships annually to educational institutions that help local community members flourish while strengthening the workforce and increasing resiliency.

“We know the importance of a quality education, including certificate and training programs. We also know the importance of identifying and reducing those barriers that prevent students from being able to take advantage of those opportunities,” says Brad Little, President and CEO of the Community Foundation. “When students have access to education, training and life skills, our entire community thrives.”

Learn more about Ivy Tech’s Ivy Works program by visiting link.ivytech.edu/resources or contacting Chris Douse at cdouse@ivytech.edu.

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne, Warsaw announce spring 2021 Dean’s List

Ivy Tech Community College is pleased to announce the spring 2021 Dean’s List for the Fort Wayne Campus and the Warsaw Site. The Dean’s List, prepared and published each term, gives recognition to students who:

  • Are degree-seeking.
  • Achieve a minimum 3.50 grade point average in non-academic skills advancement courses with no Ds or Fs.
  • Earn six or more Ivy Tech credits during the semester.
  • Have earned at least 12 non-ASA credits (Academic Skills Advancement) during their course of study.

For a full list of students who have met those requirements, please see below:

Luqman Abdallah

Mai Abdellatif

Noor Muhammad Abdul Hasyim

Ty Abner

Chioma Abraham

Fauzia Achayo

Kelly Achenbach

Lauren Ackerman

Rebecca Adams

Gabriel Aguilar

Simran Ahmed

Amy Aird

Casey Aldrin

Oshion Alexander

Adel Alkhulaki

Kelly Allcock

Taeler Allen

Anson Allseitz

Ibrahim Alsalahi

Jennifer Alston

Jessica Alvarenga

Sammantha Alvarez

Scott Amos

Jennifer Anderson

Travis Anderson

Adolph Anguiano

Veronica Angulo

Karen Arambula Carrasco

Jocelyn Arbogast

Zach Archer

Andrew Arnett

Lacy Arnold

Libby Asher

Nicolas Austin

Beth Avila

Lazaro Ayala

Anna Ba

Jamie Back

Jareem Bailey

Karisa Bailey

Chantey Baker

Hijiri Baker

Kristen Baker

Ryan Baney

Zachary Banks

Patricia Banter

Renee Barnets

Kristina Barnett

Kristie Barr

Aura Barrera

Erin Barrett

Logan Bartles

Kelsie Bartrom

Heather Batalis

Travis Bauer

Danielle Baum

Sa La Ma Be

Lourdes Beard

Ransom Beard

Conner Beatty

Rosalyn Beaty

Ivy Becher

Andrew Beck

Melanie Beckman

Maggie Becraft

Christopher Behnke

Luke Behringer

Rita Beiswenger

Alysha Bellamy

Ronald Bennett

Shyrah Bennett

Christina Benson

Abby Benya

Matthew Berg

Taylor Berghoff

Madalyn Bergman

Joseph Berndt

Jamie Berrum

Briana Berry

Megan Berry

Hannah Berz

Isabella Biagiotti

Ashley Bice

Triceten Bickford

Cassidy Bigelow

Lindsay Bill

Aarika Billingsley

Shantel Billingsley

Lacey Blackburn

Caitlin Blair

Kaylei Blair

Jasmine Blanchette

Joseph Bleakney

Peyton Blinn

Amber Blue-Ruby

Michael Boerger

Aislinn Boettcher

Corbin Bolding

Cameron Bond

Beteselam Bonka

Sheri Bontrager

Jocelyne Bordallo

Lauren Border

Lakota Bostian

Noah Boszor

Abby Botts

Ayden Bowers

Alanna Braden

Shane Bradley

Hannah Brames

Ashly Brancfield

Pierce Brandon

Gabrielle Branning

Ashley Braun

Claire Braun

Jacob Brewer

Selina Brewer

Robert Bridegam

Ryan Bridgewater

Melinda Bright

Jacob Britton

Allison Brooks

Kimberley Brooks

Marsha Brooks

Nolan Brooks

Austin Brown

Brett Brown

Timothy Brown

Sarah Browning

Emily Brudney

Samantha Brumbaugh

Rose Brunjes

Danielle Brunson

Mirannda Bry

Ashley Bryan

Cierra Bryant

Alexandria Buchan

Kierstyn Buchan

Brandy Budd

Brandon Bultemeier

Linda Burch

Dawn Burke

Richard Burns

Shaunaleah Burns

Jessica Burress

Todd Bury

Angel Bustillos

Michelle Butts

Drew Byerly

Marissa Cacioppo

Alexander Cafolla

Andrew Calloway

Cesar Calvo

Ashley Campbell

Hilda Cantu

Benjamin Carboni

Carson Carney

Cheyenne Carpenter

Jyaire Carr

Eric Carranza

Francisco Carrizales

Austin Carroll

Troy Carte

Storm Cartwright

Alexis Carwile

Misti Casinger

Michael Cassaday

Lorena Ceballos

Nico Cerceo

Bethany Chase

Elizabeth Chase

Chris Chavez

Scott Chordas

LeAnn Chupp

Christian Cisneros

Makayla Clark

Shanterri Clopton

Michelle Coburn

Gary Coker

Mattie Collins

Alissa Compton

Alivia Conrad

Olivia Conrad

Briana Cook

Haylee Cook

Cynthia Cooley

Stephanie Cooper

Toni Correll

Michaela Cottrell

Deborah Coty

Connor Counceller

Donald Cox

Elaina Cox

Jessianna Cox

Ricky Crager

Daesha Craig

Brenna Crase

Logan Cronk

Brooklynn Cross

James Crumley

Richard Crunk

Aldo Cruz

Kathi Cubellis

Andrew Curley

Austin Curry

Kasia Custer

Suzana Da Silva

Jessica Dain

Joshua Danals

Kaley Darr

Dakota Daugherty

Mary Davies

Dannie Davis

Landon Davis

Madeline Davis

Sarah Davis

Sterling Davison

Alyssa Decker

Owen DeLee

Faith Delp

Melissa Dembickie

Mhiret Demisse

Leah Dennison

Abigail Deuter

Breanna Diaz

Lilia Diaz

Cody Dietz

Amanda Dines

Ellen Disler

Chandlier Diven

Thang Do

Alexander Doege

Madison Doege

Lindy Doster

Gavin Dove

Alexander Drabik

Michelle Drayer

Nicholas Drew

Megan Dues

Julie Dufault

Caleb Dugan

Amber Dunten

Barbara Duran

Sherry Dutkiewicz

Desirae Dworak

Rylee Dwyer

Kara Eberts

Jared Eby

Keith Eby

Michelle Eckert


Jason Eisenmann

Mohamed El araari

Jeffrey Elliott

Mason Elliott

Zachery Elswick

Elisabeth Ely

Jasmine England

Heather Enyeart

Andrew Estep

Celena Estrada

Elizabeth Evans

Laila Evans

Alexi Ewing

Trevor Faull

Autumn Felix

Catrina Ferguson

Jenna Ferguson

Brian Fiebig

Sonsuray Fields

Jessica Fike

Yori Finley

Cheyne Fischer

Paul Fischer

Steven Fisher

Hanna Fitzpatrick

Allison Fleck

Drew Fletcher

Janet Flores

Jesse Flores

Rodolfo Flores

Santiago Flores

Tristan Flynn

Avery Foellinger

Eli Foote

Ryan Fordeck

Madison Foreman

Zaxai Foster

Spencer Foust

Sara Fowler

Nicholas Fox

Payton Fox

Ricky Francies

Todd Franks

Elizabeth Frantz

Audra Fravel

Katrina Freeman

Carston Fritz

Kellie Fry

Shaun Fry

Tristan Frye

Leesa Fuelling

Taryn Fugate

Holdyn Funk

Brandon Gajewsky

Joel Gallagher

Lea Gamble

Lakeesha Ganaway

Cynthia Garcia

Galilea Garcia

Jason Garcia

Nadia Garcia

Cayla Garrett

Dwayne Garrett

Michael Garrett

Anita Garrison

Vaniza Gasco

Jeff Gaunt

Richard Gensch

Kyra Gerber

Nicolette Gerber

Anthony Gerbers

Josephine Giannotti

Megan Gibson

Samantha Gibson

Daniel Gill

Victoria Gill

Tiffany Gillison

Alyssa Gingerich

Julia Giron

Mason Goddard

Stephanie Gomez

Jose Gomez Marquez

Brooke Gothan

Dominique Grady

Barbara Graves

Nickolas Gray

Donna Greeno

Jalynne Greer

Brittany Griepentrog

Kyle Grizzle

LeTishia Grizzle

Cain Grogg

Kowen Grogg

Michelle Groh

Grant Gronkiewicz

Zoie Grossnickle

Glenn Gruny

Sabrina Guerin

Derek Gunter

Bryan Guzman

Vanessa Guzman

Charles Hacker

Charles Hagerman

Jennie Haiflich

Courtney Haines

Jacob Hall

Jeremiah Hall

Lakeisha Hall

Mariah Hall

Aundrea Hamilton

Gregory Hamilton

Mackenzie Hamilton

Michelle Hamilton

Kyle Hamm

Mikayla Hamm

Ryan Hampton

Keith Hamrick

Sandra Handrich

Steven Hanford

Alexcis Hanna

Abigail Hantz

Cole Hapner

Andrew Hare

Samantha Harig

Cory Harmon

Samantha Harpenau

Melissa Harper

Nicole Harriman

Matthew Harris

Lahla Harris-Arzate

April Harrison

Ryan Harrison

Jennifer Harry

Aron Harshbarger

Ryan Hart

Mackenzie Hartig

Payton Hastings

Emilie Hatton

Photini Hatzidafni

Matthew Haussmann

Zachary Hauter

Allen Hawkins

Dakota Hayes

Adrian Head

Rylee Heal

Ashlyn Heckman

Karen Heckman

Preston Hees

Joshua HeffelFinger

Daniel Heflin

Matthew Hefner

Kristen Heiman

Jennifer Heimann

Alexis Helbert

Hannah Heller

Brittany Henderson

Sarah Hendricks

Maciah Henley

Haley Henline

Adriana Henry

Abygail Herman

Robin Herrberg

Cristina Herrera

Ashley Herrick

Brittany Herring

Harley Herring

Kaleb Herron

Benjamin Hicks

Damian Hicks

Jillian Hilton

Bertha Hilty

Jana Hirschy

Drake Hitchcock

Nicole Hobson

Sara Hochstetler

Faith Hodges

Corey Hoff

Britni Hoffman

Ambyr Hogue

Richard Holbrook

Laura Holcombe

Emily Holdeman

Aaron Holdgreve

Ashleigh Holiday

Isaac Holly

Terry Hontz

Brendan Hooper

Athena Hoover

Shaya Hormann

Paul Horne

Jordan Howell

Mona Howell

Brooke Hoyt

Kai Doh Htoo

Lay Htoo

Shun Htun

Lillian Huber

Christopher Huckeriede

Hanna Huffman

Rebekah Hughes

Amber Hunt

Dillon Hunt

Natasha Hunt

Camden Hurley

Michael Hurraw

Bethany Hussung

Hannah Hyde

Keyton Irick

Schaneil Irish

Madelyn Isch

Gillian Jackson

Ruth Jacoby

Hannah Jacquay

Ivana Janjanin

Dorothy Janovyak

Ariyana Jarvis

Elizabeth Jenkins

Nicole Jennings

Magaly Jimenez

Sarah Johns

Abigail Johnson

Alexandra Johnson

Bradley Johnson

Cammi Johnson

Denise Johnson

Dennis Johnson

Haley Johnson

Shawne Johnson

Shianna Johnson

Patrick Johnston

Sean Johnston

Austin Jones

Emily Jones

Jael Jones

Kassidi Jones

Sophia Jones

Taylor Jones

Angelica Jordan

Marlena Joslin

Crystal Juarez

Abraham Juarez Vazquez

Joana Juarez-Jimenez

Elizabeth Jungk

Lauren Jur

Jason Kahn

Darius Karami

Jerrica Kart

Brandon Kasinger

Simranjeet Kaur

Jill Kaye

Emily Kazman

Joshua Keel

Mary Keelean

Kevin Kell

Alayna Kelley

Shannon Kelley

Katie Kern

Scott Kern

Jayme Kersey

Thomas Kettleborough

Eh Kha

Don Kiel

Grace Kiess

Andualem Kifetew

Kayla Kimberlin

Adrianna King

Erica King

Joshua King

Kristen King

Patricia King

LeAnn Kinney

Tyler Kinslow

Emily Kitson

Cody Kline

Jasmine Klinker

Rachelle Klotz

Jessika Knepp

Connor Knoblauch

Mark Koehl

Angela Konold

Arwen Kramer

Kirstin Kreischer

Levi Krider

Whitley Krider

Roy Krouse

Katelyn Krueckeberg

Mary Kuria

Emily Kwolek

Austin Kyger

Ka Le Lot La

Alena Lahey

Cailey Lahrman

Tammy Lahrman

Megan Lambert

Drew Landgrave

Alexis Landis

Garrett Lantz

Kylie Lantz

Thomas LaPerle

Abigail Larrison

Christopher Larson

Grant Lashure

Kierston Lavy

Sydni Lawson

Madison Lecroy

Jonathon Lederman

Ram Lee

Robert Lee

Derek Lehman

Hope Lehman

Krista Lehman

Kyle Lehman

Luzviminda Lehrman

Roxanna Lemke

Gretchen Lenfestey

Kristie Lenz

Ousmar Leon-Hernandez

Paul Lester

Dominic Leto

Stefanie Lewis


Brenda Liechty

Sheridan Lippi

Lisa Litchfield

Silas Little

Megan Llamas

Alex Llewellyn

Richard Lonero

Laura Long

Sunny Longberry

Jeffrey Longsworth

Claire Lonsbury

Samuel Lonsbury

Alicia Lopez

Coby Lough

Ian Loughner

Kenneth Lowe

Rosemary Lowe

Ryan Lowry

Amber Luce

Jade Lusher

Melissa Machado

Sophia Machall

Eunice Macharia

Christopher Mack

Quenjule Mackenzie

Heather Maierle

Hamzah Majid

Majed Maktari

Ethan Mann

Marcus Mann

Natalie Mansoori

Na Mar

Adam Margrif

Jason Marker

Taylor Marks

Kierra Maroney

Trevor Marple

Trista Marsden

Jarrett Marsh

Sarah Marsh

Anniah Marshall

christina martin

Jarrett Martin

Tyler Martin

Pedro Martinez

Taylor Martinez

Mikayla Marz

Zachary Massman

Amber Masterson

Brittany Mathias-Heard

Teresa Maxson

Katelin Mcbride

Dillon McCann

Hannah McCarty

Andrew McClanahan

Macy McClane

Courtney McClure

Kalie McCormick

Quinton McCormick

Nicolas McCullough

Megan McDonald

Ryan McDonough

Annijah McGraw

Kiera McGraw

Sarah McIntire

Megan McKeever

Cassie McKinley

Daniel McLellan

Sophia McMillan

Erin McMillen

San Medevielle

Kyla Medford

Elizabeth Meinzen

Elian Mejia

Josue Mendoza

Ramiro Mendoza

Katherine Menez

Tiffany Meredith

Jake Mersing

Sunshine Metz

Jessica Metzger

Brandon Metzler

Logan Meyer

Rebecca Meyer

Danielle Meyer-Vonbank

Lane Michel

Skyler Michel

Jeremy Miers

Alex Miller

Amy Miller

Brooks Miller

Carrie Miller

Clancy Miller

Courtney Miller

Dawn Miller

Elizabeth Miller

Jennifer Miller

Kelly Miller

Lara Miller

Ryan Miller

Samuel Miller

Heather Minick

Amber Minnick

Claudia Minor

Haley Minor

Amber Minton

Claudia Miranda

Jose Miranda Colin

Douglas Mitchell

Chevelleanne Moeller

Jeffery Moeller

Danish Mohamad Noor-Sham

Alexandra Mojica

Marbin Molina Guerrero

Hannah Monnier

Benjamin Montalbano

Dinma Monyei

Meredith Moon

Amber Moore

Andrew Moore

Katherine Moore

Katie Moore

Penny Moore

Tony Moree

Veronica Morehous

Joshua Moreland

Alicia Morgan

Brianna Morgan

Christina Morgan

Kimberly Morgan

Jeffrey Morrell

Mary Morris-Reed

Ellen Morrow

Whitney Morrow

Yardale Moses

Allison Mosher

Samantha Mrak

Thelma Mulberger

Jaclyn Mullins

Crystal Munson

VerLon Murkey

Aliza Murphy

Leah Murphy

Sharon Musch

Marie Chantal Mushagalusa

Melisa Music

Chase Myers

Jacob Myers

Jay Myers

lillian Myers

Lucas Myers

Nathan Myers

Esther Myint

Amanda Naatz

Rachel Nally

Sherrie Napier

Aaron Paul Naranjo

John Nash

Chelsie Neibert

Jaclyn Neiger

Kathleen Nelson

Mary Newell

Chad Newman

Cody Newman

Nia Newson

Sarah Newton

Anh Nguyen

Quynh Nguyen

James Nguyen-Tran

Ruth Niccum

Zacchaeus Niccum

Crystal Nichols

Madesyn Niswonger

Amy Noel

Caden Noel

Samson Nofzinger

Abdiaziz Noor

Brittany Norton

Rocio Nunez

Raphael Nwosu

Fred Nyaribo

Patricia Ocampo

Rebecca Odiwuor

Christina Oehmcke

Es Ola

Kenna Olney

Alysia Olson

Taylor Olson

Gamal Omar

Hammad Omar

Elizabeth Oppel

Jordan Oren

Melissa Ormsby

Jonathan Ortiz-Sanchez

Andrew Orwig

Megan Osborn

David Oviatt

Breiana Packer

Joanna Palacios

Alexandra Pancoast

Andrea Paniagua

Jacob Parker

Aaron Parkinson

Amber Patino

Kira Pattee

Haley Paul

Tammy Paul

Terrence Paul

Leah Payne

Logan Peachee

Brian Peirce

Katherine Penland

Kaycee Pepple

Kieli Perkins

Jacob Perry

Zoe Perry

Sydney Petersen

Stefanie Pettigrew

Abigail Phagan

Naomi Phillips

Isaiah Pierce

Lloyd Pinnock

Regeana Pinnock

Nicole Pitcher

Christina Platt

Eva Pocock

Aaron Pollock

Nathan Pomeroy

Leidy Ponton

Jamey Pontzius

Joshua Porter

Gabriel Potter

Jason Potter

Catherine Powell

Katie Pratt

Bonnie Priest

Sara Pritchard

Tracie Prosser

Christopher Puckett

Brandy Pulley

Rachel Quick

Lauren Quinn

Stacy Quinn

Aaliyah Quinn-Pesina

Jeremias Quintanilla

Payton Ray

Jennifer Recker

Brendon Reed

Laurie Reed

Simeon Reed

Claudia Reger

Elisabeth Rehak

Tracy Reincke

Isaac Reinhart

Jacob Reinhart

Brandi Reis

Oksana Remenyuk

Gerald Reneau

Vance Renninger

Makayla Rentfrow

Marissa Renz

Calib Resor

Amanda Reuille

Jonathon Rhoad

Ashley Rhoades

Elisabeth Rian

Gwyneth Rice

Katelyn Rice

Melanie Rice

Nathalia Richards

Tiffany Richey

Sarah Riddle

Justin Rider

Thanh Riehm

Preston Rigby

Virginia Ritchie

Joy Rittmeyer

Lezlie Rivera

Mauricio Rivera

Maddox Rjasko

Robert Roberts

Ryan Roberts

Asia Robinson

David Rock

Patricia Rodemich

Allison Rodkey

Ashley Rodriguez

Maria Rodriguez

Alexis Rodriguez-Miranda

Timothy Roe

Andrew Rogers

Keith Rogers

Khristina Rolleston

Marcos Romero

Katelyn Rondeau

Nicole Rosas

Joshua Roseberry

Dreshawn Ross

John Ross

Andrew Roth

Jared Roy

Meaghan Ruckman

Kelly Rudny

Cameron Ruhl

Daisy Ruiz

Alexis Rumentzas

Jennifer Runkle

Annah Rusk

Katelyn Russell

Hannah Rutigliano

Daniele Ryan

Andrew Rybolt

Janique Sain

Sanajda Sakanovic

Melanie Sakran

Abdulla Salem

William Sallee

Gabrielle Salmond

Denisse Sanchez

Morgan Sanchez

Ursula Sanchez

James Sandman

Julio Sandoval

Victor Sandoval

Lorena Santiago

Nai Sar

Vincent Sargent

Nathaniel Saucedo

Jonathan Saxton

Anna Scantlin

Grace Schaefer

Anthony Schafer

Saige Scheitlin

Felicia Scheumann

Joseph Scheumann

Timothy Schiek

Ian Schilling

Benjamin Schlatter

Kirsten Schlorke

Morgan Schmidt

Joseph Schmitt

Brian Schnelker

Justin Schoeff

Nicole Schooley

Karla Schraw

Madeleine Schulenberg

Abigail Schumm

Matt Scott

Rafe Scott

Michele Sewell

Tessa Sewell

Charlie Sexton

Sherra Sexton

Stephen Shadbolt

Ashley Shafer

Katelynn Shambaugh

Brian Shank

Amber Shannon

Caleb Shannon

Owen Sharpe

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Ivy Tech Public Safety Academy offering Covid-19 testing through June 30

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne’s South Campus (Public Safety Academy) is currently offering free Covid-19 testing from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. until June 30, Monday through Friday at 7602 Patriot Crossing, Fort Wayne, IN 46816. Both PCR tests (results in 2-3 days) and rapid tests are available.

Anyone wanting tested will need to register for a patient ID online at LHI.care/Covidtesting or by phone by calling 888-634-1130. Bring ID and walk-in for testing. No appointments necessary. Testing available for adults and children, with infant eligibility determined on site.

Today through June 30
8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Monday through Friday
Closed on holidays and weekends

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne’s South Campus
Public Safety Academy
7602 Patriot Crossing
Fort Wayne, IN 46816

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne announces construction and engineering articulation agreements with Purdue Fort Wayne

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and Warsaw and Purdue University Fort Wayne are again partnering to create opportunities for Indiana students. Construction management and engineering technology articulation agreements have been formalized between the institutions that allow students to complete 60 credit hours and their associate degree at Ivy Tech and then transfer to Purdue Fort Wayne to complete their bachelor’s degree.

“Collaborative transfer agreements are a win-win for both of our institutions, the community and the student body,” according to Gary Steffen, Director of Purdue Fort Wayne’s School of Polytechnic.

“Faculty from the two institutions have enjoyed a collaborative relationship for the past few years,” said Darrel J. Kesler, Dean of Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw’s School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering & Applied Science. “Northeast Indiana students have benefited from this cooperation and the formal articulation agreements will further support their educational endeavors.”

The new agreements create pathways for students from Ivy Tech’s Building Construction Management and Engineering Technology programs to Purdue Fort Wayne’s Construction Management and Industrial Engineering Technology programs respectively. These options allow students to obtain an affordable, high quality education in their home community and will positively impact construction and manufacturing industries in northeast Indiana.

Students interested in learning more about transfer opportunities with Ivy Tech, should contact askfortwayne@ivytech.edu.

Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw graduate more than 1,800 at 51st annual commencement ceremony

Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and Warsaw celebrated its 51st annual commencement ceremony today at Coliseum Campus. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the ceremony was held in a drive-thru format. The College graduated more than 1,800 students in Fort Wayne and Warsaw and awarded 2,700+ associate degrees, certificates, and technical certificates.

STUDENT SPEAKER: The class of 2021’s student speaker was Tinisha Thomas, who graduated with an associate degree in general studies, a general education transfer core technical certificate, and a culinarian certificate. Hear her inspirational speech at IvyTech.edu/fortwayne/graduation.

BUD CURTIS AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING STUDENT: The College gives two Curtis Awards each year: one recognizing an outstanding graduate from the College’s career and technical schools, and the other, the university/transfer schools. This year’s winners are Abby Benya, from the School of Public and Social Services; and Michelle Drayer, from the School of Arts, Sciences & Education.

The Bud Curtis Award winners are chosen from among the Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw Outstanding Student Awards, which are awarded to one student per academic school. This year’s remaining Outstanding Student Awards went to the following students:

Shannon Lewandowski Anderson, School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science

Jonathon Lewis, School of Information Technology

Nicole Minier, School of Nursing

VerLon Murkey, School of Health Sciences

Jennifer Vanderpool, School of Business, Logistics, and Supply Chain

PRESIDENT’S AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN INSTRUCTION: Each Ivy Tech across the state nominates the winner of its President’s Award, which goes to a full-time faculty member, for the Founder’s Award for Excellence in Instruction. The Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw nominee is Associate Professor of Economics Matthew Fisher.

ADJUNCT FACULTY AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN INSTRUCTION AND GERALD I. LAMKIN AWARD NOMINEE: Each Ivy Tech across the state nominates the winner of its Adjunct Faculty Award, which goes to a part-time faculty member. These nominees are then eligible for the Gerald I. Lamkin Award for adjunct faculty members. The Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw nominee of the statewide Lamkin Award is automotive instructor Jim Graham.

SPECIAL NOTE: Students and guests used #IvyTechGrad to share celebratory moments on social media. Use the hashtag to view graduation photos and messages of encouragement on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Wayne Manufacturing and Steel Dynamics, Inc. honored for partnerships with Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw

Craig Parsons, President of Wayne Manufacturing; Dave Bair, Vice President of Wayne Manufacturing; and Darrel Kesler, Dean of the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science.

During their Awards for Excellence Recognition Program on May 12, Steel Dynamics, Inc. (SDI) and Wayne Manufacturing were each given an Award for Excellence for Outstanding Secondary/Post-secondary Career and Technical Education Partnership by the Indiana Office of Career and Technical Education under the Governor’s Workforce Cabinet. The award was given in recognition of their respective partnerships with Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne and Warsaw.

“We at Wayne Manufacturing are proud to support Ivy Tech and the welding program,” said Craig Parsons, President of Wayne Manufacturing. “We know that many of our future operators, technicians and managers are in the very classes we support. We have seen time and again how talented those students are when we are considering new hires. We look forward to many more years of a great working relationship between Wayne Manufacturing and Ivy Tech.”

Wayne Manufacturing has been a long-term partner in supporting Ivy Tech’s welding program. Welding is a high demand workforce need in northeast Indiana. Training programs benefit incumbent workers, near-release individuals from the Chain O’Lakes Correctional Facility in Albion, and traditional students.

Steel Dynamics, Inc. has also been a valuable partner in creating a pipeline of skilled workers in northeast Indiana. The company has created an apprenticeship program to upskill their incumbent workers. Apprenticeship cohorts progress through a two-year associate degree while continuing employment with the company.

“Northeast Indiana’s dominate industry is manufacturing and workers need both technical and ‘soft’ skills to foster the health of the industry,” said Darrel Kesler, Dean of the School of Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, and Applied Science. “Technology, including digitization, is advancing exponentially and has encroached in the workplace. Ivy Tech Fort Wayne/Warsaw works collaboratively with industry like Steel Dynamics, Wayne Manufacturing, and others to teach the skills needed to by workers to not only remain competitive, but the advance above competitors.”

To learn more about manufacturing training at Ivy Tech Fort Wayne and Warsaw, visit IvyTech.edu/advancedmanufacturing.