Faculty, staff receive Safe Zone training in time for LGBT History Month

In relation to Ivy Tech Community College Northeast’s new employee organization—the LGBTQA Initiative, which stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, and alley/asexual—college faculty and staff have begun Safe Zone training. The goal behind the training is to create, enhance, and maintain environments that are supportive of LGBTQA people.

The training was first open to individuals involved with the LGBTQA Initiative, an employee group that aims to provide awareness and education regarding sexual minority issues. In the future, it will extended to any employee interested in receiving training.

The initiative is a member of Fort Wayne’s LGBT Coalition and has kicked off in time for October, which is LGBT History Month, and National Coming Out Day, Oct. 11.

The organization started in part because faculty members were being approached by students looking to talk to someone about these issues.

“The presence of the LGBTQA Initiative at Ivy Tech Northeast will start to create a culture of inclusivity and build reinforcement for all students to feel safe,” says Jacquelyn Clapper, co-founder of the LGBTA Initiative. “The goal is to provide and promote a positive and supportive atmosphere for LGBTQA students; increase campus dialogue across faculty, staff, and student constituencies; and establish networks of camaraderie to improve the quality of life at community college at-large.”